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Top Innovative Medical Equipment and Methods For Rehab of Injuries

‘Working through the pain’ is arguably one of the most discussed aspects of recovering from an injury. There are tons of theories on how working and exercising the body helps one in the recovery process. In all these theories, there is a joint agreement that the process is not only timely but also irreplaceable for people healing from injuries. Therefore, exercise and rehab are two terms that are inseparable for timely healing. In the last five years, the world of innovations has been home to some of the best exercise and rehab equipment and having a modern piece of equipment is not farfetched.

Innovative Medical Equipment for Rehab of Injuries

  • Defib AED

This set of equipment is arguably one of the best innovation in the last couple of years. Thanks to Defib AED is available to individuals and corporates for better recovery process and prevention of cardiac arrests. It is one of the equipment that has saved many people undergoing healing after a period of treatment.
In most cases, conventional medical equipment concentrates on the physical aspect of recovery and neglect the fundamental innovative pieces such as Defib AED. For people undergoing rehab of injuries, this piece of equipment is unmatched for detecting changes in heart functionality. Thanks to Bellmed, this equipment will rewrite the sad story of cardiac arrests in the USA.

  • Diagnostic Instruments

One of the areas in the medical world that have been home to some of the best, innovative ideas and improvements are Diagnostic Instruments. These products range from simple to the most complex instruments, and some of these instruments include the following. First, Blood Pressure Systems are essential for any person recovering from any condition. Second, Vital Signs Monitors are also vital for any person keen on understanding how their bodies are recovering from an ailment.

In the last 24 months, these two specific niches have experienced one of the most vibrant waves of innovations. The current set of equipment is now updated and more efficient. People recovering from a range of conditions can now track their progress, thanks to Bellmed commitment to making this range of instruments available.

Technology in the rehabilitation of injuries

  • Wearables

In the last five years, major companies in the wearable niche have invested a lot of money in improving their products. This competition has led to a significant improvement in the world of wearable. Currently, it is possible to find wearables that have accurate sensors for different activities and these sensors are unmatched especially to a person recovering from an injury. According to fitness pundits, wearing smart watches or special shoes (with sensors) helps in the recovery process without straining the body. In some cases, the wearables can detect basic body functions such as heartbeat and breathing rates. When one has control over pulse and breathing rate, recovering from an injury is faster and well monitored.

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)

After injuries, the nervous system is also greatly affected. Functional Electrical Stimulation has been one of the most trusted ways in which patients can regain control of their bodies. For the past five years, there have been great developments in FES, and the systems are now more functional than they used to be in the last five years. Stimulating the nervous system by just a simple exercise is not farfetched with this technology. Pundits suggest that 2019 will be a year for advancements in this area.