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Discover The Benefits Of Brick Wood Fired Ovens

Many people enjoy having an outdoor kitchen where they can relax with family and friends while cooking up some delicious meals on their charcoal or gas grill; however, if you’re ready to kick your outdoor cooking to an entirely new level, consider the amazing benefits that brick wood fired ovens have to offer.

If you aren’t familiar with this type of oven, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. While many people have heard of pizza cooked in a wood oven, they aren’t familiar with the other uses that a wood oven can provide. When it comes to cooking the very best pizza possible, a wood fired pizza oven Perth is always the perfect solution. However, because the oven uses a dome to retain heat, many foods can easily be cooked in backyard brick wood fired ovens.

You can simply build a wood fire in the back, middle, or along one of the sides of the domed cooking area and you’re ready to begin an exciting new adventure in your brick oven. Whether it’s a fire roasted pizza that’s ready in a matter of minutes or it’s an assortment of roasted veggies, meat or fruit, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful flavor and appeal of this wonderful way of cooking.

There’s no doubt, Perth pizza ovens add an entirely new level of cooking to your backyard entertaining, but you might be surprised at how quickly and easily you’re able to cook pizzas as well as some of your other favorite foods. Once you set the wood on fire, the oven will begin to heat up and it’ll soon be ready for cooking; however, keep in mind that you don’t always need to keep feeding the fire in order to get the benefits you want from a wood fired pizza oven Perth. Once the embers die out or you scoop the coals out of the oven, the brick will retain plenty of heat allowing you to continue cooking a variety of delicious foods.

Of course, the type of wood you use in your pizza oven will make a big difference in the flavor it will impart to the foods you’re cooking. Hardwoods, such as cedar or maple are often popular for use in Perth pizza ovens because they tend to burn considerably hotter than soft woods. On the other hand, the use of fruitwoods, like hickory, cherry or apple can not only give you the heat you need for your brick oven, but they can also impart their own aromas and flavors for some amazing tasting pizzas.

Whether you choose to have your pizza oven delivered and set up for you or you decide to get a kit and put your oven together yourself, it’s important to give some consideration to where the oven will be located. Your pizza oven can get hot and should be in an area that is protected from traffic as well as flammable objects. With a little pre-planning, you’ll easily find the perfect place to locate your oven and enjoy the benefits of flavorful wood fired cooking.