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How to Keep an Open Mind While Dating

Dating can be both exhilarating and daunting, with memorable experiences that you’ll want to cherish forever and painful lessons that you’d rather forget immediately. There is a lot of different advice about how to be successful as you navigate the dating world, but it all comes down to one thing: keeping an open mind. Now if you go on a second date, make sure to ask relevant and interesting questions to impress your date. Here are the best second date questions you could ask.

Being open-minded means respecting others as well as yourself to get what you need out of dating. Here are five ways to keep an open mind while looking for love. If you’re a woman, here are some flirty text messages that will make a man crazy

Forget the Expectations of Others

Sometimes people have unconscious biases or deeply rooted familial expectations that they aren’t entirely aware of. These underlying thoughts and notions influence all of the decisions they make, especially when it comes to dating. For example, a man might forgo perusing korean singles based on his family’s negative views on interracial relationships. This may bar him from finding a happy relationship based on the expectations of others.

Rather than thinking about what other people want you to do, consider what would make you happy. Knowing what you want and being able to define it honestly is essential for success in dating.

Look Outside Your Type

Most people have a “type” or a specific set of traits that they’re attracted to. There’s nothing wrong with having a preference when it comes to looks or interests, but it can also be a significant limiting factor that’s keeping you from finding a potential mate. If you’ve been dating for a while and stick with one type of person, it’s possible that the type you’ve chosen is wrong for you.

Open your mind to people outside of what you would usually consider as a mate. Just because you have different basic interests, doesn’t mean you won’t be compatible. There are plenty of happy couples who showcase the opposites attract theory, while other couples love all the same things, just not each other.

Be Authentic and Honest

Lying or positioning yourself in a way to make yourself more attractive to certain people is close-minded and will cause you more harm than good. Be authentic when presenting yourself to people, whether it’s online or in-person. While it’s human to want to make a great first impression– using a great profile photo or buying a new outfit for a date– you still need to stay true to you.

Being true to yourself has another distinct benefit: it opens your mind to the intentions of those around you. In other words, if you’re true to yourself, you’ll have a better sense of if someone isn’t being authentic with you.

Some men think they need to know great pickup lines to know how to talk to women but the secret to really connecting with them can be found in a mix of confidence and vulnerability.

Consider Your Negative Thoughts

Too many people strive for perfection when entering the dating world. The idea isn’t to find someone who’s perfect; it’s to find someone who’s perfect for you. When you have a negative thought about someone’s actions, consider your reaction mindfully. Are you having a bad day? Are they doing something harmless that you associate with a previous experience?

Consider this scenario: you go on a date with someone and they have a lot of complaints. Their negativity is exhausting. Stop and think about yourself and the other person. Maybe they had an exceptionally bad day and you need to cut them some slack. Upon going on another date, you find that they’re really quite enjoyable and positive.

Remember that everyone is human, including you. First impressions aren’t everything, and sometimes you need to hit a reset button while dating.

Respect is Golden

If you do nothing else to develop an open mind while dating, prioritize respect. Consider the thoughts and feelings of others and yourself. While keeping an open mind is important, refusing to be disrespected while dating is ultimately how you’ll find enjoyment in the dating world.