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How Do I Reset My Mileage?

As digital odometers took over their analog counterparts, people started asking more frequently how to reset mileage. You see, analog models didn’t require any tools – you could simply rotate the pegs and set the number your heart desired. Even though the rollback was still noticeable, the original data wasn’t stored elsewhere. With digital odometers, things are slightly more complicated. That’s the reason why the odometer correction has become so popular and widespread. People usually utilize mileage adjustment devices to reset unwanted miles. However, these tools are unethical and illegal. The mileage stopper from is an ethical option as it’s designed for testing. Today we’ll learn how to reset mileage and which tools can take care of the task.

Is it possible to reset mileage?

Yes, it is, but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal. In other words, you can reset the digital odometer with specific equipment, but if you sell such a car, you’ll face a fine or a prison sentence. That’s why it’s so important to prioritize ethical matters even if you have to sacrifice a few thousand dollars. However, if you wanted to purchase a similar device and remain ethical, you could go for the mileage stopper from It’s designed for testing and won’t cause any trouble when used for its intended purposes.

Does the car mileage correction tool reset mileage?

It depends on the particular model, yet the majority of mileage correction tools can set your odometer to 0. You can connect them to your vehicle, scavenge through the software to find correct settings, and dial in the desired mileage.

But there are downsides. Digital odometers store mileage in control units. Even if you alter the numbers on the display, the original information will still be saved on those computers. The majority of odometer correction tools can change mileage only on the display. Therefore, it’s quite easy to discover the discrepancy with a scanner or a diagnostic machine.

The odometer blocker from is quite different in that sense. It stops recording the mileage in the whole system of your vehicle. In other words, it targets not only the display but the control units as well. As a result, its performance is untraceable.

Don’t forget that you should always use the mileage stopper for testing the functionalities of your car.

Can you reset mileage manually?

Technically, you can reset the odometer manually, however, those results won’t be consistent. Since the original mileage is stored in control units, the computer of your vehicle will notice the inconsistency and show an alert on the dashboard.

Moreover, you might ruin the whole car if you do something incorrectly. Those repairs will probably cost you more than you’d earn from resetting the odometer.

What’s the alternative?

The alternative is to purchase the kilometer stopper from As we’ve seen, its performance is impeccable. It’s easy to use and offers an enjoyable experience. You won’t have any trouble with its operation as it’s completely safe to employ. It comes with an original plug that you can connect to your car directly.

Some people neglect ethical matters and activate the mileage blocker on public roads. Once again, you shouldn’t use this tool for deceit and fraud.


You can reset the mileage with the help of specific tools, yet their operation won’t yield long-lasting results. Changing odometer reading is considered unethical and illegal.

You can go for the mileage programmer instead. It’s far more efficient and convenient. Make sure to utilize it properly.