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5 Gifts You Might Give Someone Who’s Moving into a New Home

Housewarming gifts are always nice to give someone when they are moving into a new home. They will probably not have a ton of money to spend on anything other than rent or the house’s down payment at that point, so they will be glad to see some items which will come in handy. You can go with something frivolous, but it’s often better to ask the person whether they need something practical.

We’ll talk about some possible housewarming gifts right now. Any of these would likely do well and score you some points with the person or family for whom you’re getting them.

A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are very popular these days. You can make all kinds of foods in them, and you can cook that food very quickly as well.

If you’ve never seen one before, a pressure cooker is a hermetically sealed pot that cooks food using steam. Since the inside of the pot heats up very quickly, you need to be careful when you handle one. After you’ve had the food in there for an appropriate time, you can release the pressure and remove the food.

If you’re buying this housewarming gift for a family that has children, it’s likely they will use it almost every day when they’re trying to come up with big dinners to feed everyone. The thing you should definitely watch out for is that the pressure cooker you get for them has excellent safety reviews. Sometimes a particular model malfunctions, and then a pressure cooker lawsuit is possible.

A Microwave

Staying in the kitchen, you might decide to get the family or individual a new microwave. They may have one already, but maybe their current one is old and not in the best condition anymore. You can get them a replacement that’s shiny and new.

You can get some microwaves as cheaply as $30 online, and you can order through Amazon. All you need is the family or person’s new address so you can ship it to them. You might also get a larger and fancier one, but that will be more expensive. It all depends on how much money you have to spend on this endeavor.

If you’re going to get this family or person a new microwave, you should see how much counter space they have. Some models are too large for some kitchen spaces, and you should figure out whether your model will fit, even though you will need to spoil the surprise by telling them what you bought for them.

A New Couch or Loveseat

Perhaps you want to spend a little more money to get this person or family something more substantial. You can help them out with their living room by purchasing a new loveseat or couch.

They will probably feel you are very generous if you buy them something like this. A new loveseat can cost anywhere between $300 and $1,200, depending on how fancy it is. A new couch might cost $600 on the low end or as much as $5,000 if you get a top-of-the-line one.

A new couch can tie the living room or den together, and it’s a place where the entire family can lie down to watch a movie or play some video games. If you decide to get this family or person a couch, you should ask them about how much space they have for it, so you can be sure that it fits.

You should also ask them about what color works for them. It’s very generous for you to do this, but if the couch you get them completely clashes with the rest of the room and their belongings, that’s no good.

Some Festive Wreaths

Maybe the family or individual for whom you’re shopping already has things like couches and microwaves handled. They might need something a little more frivolous but still decorative.

If so, maybe you can look into getting them some wreaths they can hang on their front or side door at different times of the year. You might get a few different ones, including a holly wreath they can hang up on the front door around December or one with some colorful flowers they can hang that bring to mind the summer months.

You can buy wreaths with plastic flowers, and the family can use them year after year. Some people feel like wreaths with fake flowers are tacky, but this way, they won’t wilt quickly like wreaths made from genuine plant life.

Little Trash Cans

You can ask the family or person what else they need, and they might come up with an idea for you. Perhaps you can get them some little trash cans they can keep in different rooms.

Trash cans are not the most whimsical gift, but they are very practical, and maybe they’re something that appeals more to the family. You always want trash cans in almost every room. If you get some small ones, you can put them in the bathrooms and bedrooms.

The family can throw used tissues and other refuse into them. You can look into buying some small trash cans at a store like IKEA. If there are none close to where you are, you might also buy them online and ship them to the person or family who is moving.

You might also go with a new calendar the family can hang on the wall to keep track of appointments. Maybe you’d prefer to buy them something like a scented candle that you can pick up easily at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The point is that you get this family or person something that they need or something they will appreciate. You want to show them you care, and helping them out as they start this new life phase is a way to do that. You would doubtless want someone you know to do the same thing for you.

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