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Is It Worth Focusing On The Extended Warranties For Appliances?

There is not an easy path to understand whether it is worth paying out of pocket to repair the appliances that may cost double the amount it was purchased earlier. For those who want to extend the life span of the home appliances and systems without spending beyond the decided budget then it is important to go for extended warranties for appliances. Such warranty type can come into action only when the previous warranty offered by the manufacturer experiences. The extended warranty works in the same manner as that of the previous one. But it is better to speak with the manufacturer when making the comparison so that the right decision can be made.

Who needs to opt for such an extended warranty?

Basically, such a type of warranty is not suitable for all types of homes. There is a factor in terms of age especially when it comes to major appliances. Besides the future and the home where the owner is residing are also some factors that are considered while purchasing such a warranty. It is important to look for the factors before making the right decision.

Know the type of home:

Single-family home: As most of such properties are located at a distant place from the city, those who look for a reliable technician of course may find it difficult to get one. Besides the charges that contractors usually offer are quite a heft one which can certainly be not so easy to bear. That is why properties like these who needs smooth functioning of the appliances can have an extended warranty

Apartments: This property type also falls under the extended home warranty as the dwellers staying in the apartment don’t have enough time to deal with the home issues. Besides, they often fail to maintain such appliances for a long time. Since most of the appliance’s warranties offer an additional protection layer to make sure the devices are in intact condition for another year, it is best for such property dwellers.

Cottages: This is another option that is entitled to get an extended warranty for appliances. Since most of the cottage owners use such appliances of their properties at the weekend getaways only, the extended warranty in such cases can be helpful for them. Such type of policy is best for the homeowners who want to make sure their appliances are in working condition when they visit the cottages next time.

Appliances that come under extended warranty:

Now, this type of warranty is not suitable for all types of homes, even in the case of appliances, it offers additional coverage to not all but the credentials one. It is important to keep in mind that such a type of warranty only covers individual appliances. It basically is an extension of the warranty that the manufacturer offers. That is why those who want to take such protection need to understand that individual appliances need to be purchased for protecting such devices.

  •   Kitchen
  •   Washing Machine
  •   Dryers
  •   Refrigerators
  •   Microwave
  •   Water Heater
  •   Dishwashers
  •   Kitchen Stove
  •   Trash Compactor
  •   Cooktop
  •   Ice Maker
  •   water-heater
  •   Air Conditioner

It is better to always keep evaluating the devices that are at the home. It helps to understand if these systems and appliances need extra protection in the future. Suppose it is a dishwasher or the fridge, since these are the important devices that require regular functioning at home, extra evaluation on such a system needs to be done. Eventually, it is the owner’s deduction on understanding and choosing the items that need additional protection depending on the requirement.

Best way to purchase an extended warranty:

The best thing in such a case is to purchase the warranty from the same dealer from whom the previous warranty was purchased. It at least gives ease that investment will not go un vein when the crucial times come. Often while purchasing the device, the business offers an extended warranty that can be considered. It is also possible to purchase such a warranty directly from the product manufacturers. To check that, it is advised to visit the website of the company online and look for the extended warranty choices. If the value option is available then there should not be much time taken to buy the warranty.

Prices of extended warranties appliances:

To understand more about the extended warranties pricing, firstly, it is important to understand that such warranties can vary as per the appliance size. To protect small appliances such as stoves and ice marks, the price can vary from $20 to $40. In the case of the large device protection, the price can range from $80-$170. It is always better to check all the service contracts thoroughly and know if there are any kind of hidden charges that are mentioned in the policy.

Perks and Drawbacks of Extended warranties:

Before deciding on whether to not to go with such an option, it is important to know the perks and drawbacks of such a plan. This includes:


  •   It is possible to buy such a warranty from the business only
  •   There are small devices protection which can be easily afforded
  •   The trained technician can fix the devices
  •   Such an agreement can last for more than one year if needed.


  •   Only one device at a time gets covered
  •   The large device protection can be quite pricey
  •   Such warranty covers certain appliances
  •   Such contract detention can be a time-consuming process


For certain aspects like the trained technician who shall arrive at home to fix the device or get the protection on small devices at an affordable price, extended warranties for appliances are the best choice. But such warranties don’t cover iPads, TVs, or laptops. Many people are usually confused while deciding about choosing the extended warranties for appliances. It is simply because this could be the first time and there are limited details on it online. It is better to speak with the expert who may be the one from whom the warranty was purchased earlier. The expert with good knowledge on it can advise better detailing which of course is important before making such a purchase.

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