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Your Guide to the Best Kitchen Trends for Designing Your Show Home in 2022

When it comes to today’s kitchens, there are certainly a lot of trends – and it can be a real challenge to choose a trend that will stay rather than choose something that will not last. That’s why most interior designers agree that it’s better to stick with the classics – former ‘trends’ that have proven their merit enough to continue to be popular through the ages. But it doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few trends here and there when you design your showhome – in fact, those trends may well impact your buyer’s decision in the end! But whilst the bedroom and living area are arguably the most critical rooms in a show home, the kitchen comes at a close second – and this is not surprising, as the average household spends most of its time in the kitchen. So how can you design the most attractive kitchen? Here’s your guide to the best kitchen trends for designing your show home in 2022. 

A curved backsplash 

One of the most exciting trends that have come about in recent years is the use of the backsplash – and it seems that nowadays, most kitchens have them. But why settle for an ordinary backsplash when you can have one that’s unique and interesting? A top trend is a curved backsplash, which combines curved, sinuous shapes cut intricately out of marble, tile, and natural or engineered stone. In addition, you may also want to explore tiles in a hexagon shape and fish-scale shapes for a unique spin on a traditional backsplash. 

Choose the season’s colour 

If you haven’t already heard, the undisputed colour of the kitchens of 2022 is green – and it comes in many different shades. Unlike the natural stone colours of grey and brown, green signifies life and lushness – and if you would like to have a show home kitchen that’s both striking and mellow, green it is. You can choose from different natural shades, but the most popular are the granites and the marbles – followed closely by onyx, which is elegant and exotic, as showhome interior design experts like Blocc would agree.

A ladder with high ceilings 

Ladders have always been necessary in kitchens with high ceilings and open shelves – but what if you can make them a permanent one – part of the whole look and feel of the kitchen? Statement ladders are all the rage, and it serves to make everything within reach – yet pleasing to the eye at the same time. In other words, it’s undeniably functional – and appealing. It’s a feature that catches the eye, and it’s a detail that’s practical – so what’s not to like?

Showcase the floors 

Another entirely on-point trend is having beautiful flooring for the kitchen – but tiles are out, and wood is in. It is particularly true with ‘mansion weave’ flooring, with a mix of trapezoids and polygons for an interesting modern take – and when you mix it with chunky formats and pale wooden colour, you’ve got the perfect match. 

Mirror details in the kitchen

Interior designers would tell you how important it is to incorporate mirrors in bedrooms and living areas to add depth to the space and make it look bigger. But the same is true with mirrors in the kitchen – mirrored glass is making waves as kitchen cupboards, and mirrored glass is better than transparent kitchen cupboards and cabinets as you don’t have to keep the contents neat!