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Cost-effective Ways to Elevate Any Living Space

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy decor or furniture to make your home feel like a million bucks! 

With a couple of wall art prints, a couple of plants, and some fun decorating tips, you can have a home worthy of the cover of Architectural Digest! 

So if you are ballin’ on a budget and need some cost-effective design tips, the below has got you covered.

Add a Stairway Wall Gallery

If you have a stairway wall, have you considered using it to create a gallery-style wall?

Try mixing a variety of frames, prints and art pieces and hang them over the railing on the staircase for an eclectic maximalist look. 

Or, for a more modern look, go for all matching frames and black and white prints to create that super chic, uniform style.

Create a Home Office

A home office is an ultimate accessory for any luxury home, and if you’re looking to create a home office but aren’t ready to commit to the expense of an entire room makeover, try adding a wall-mounted desk. 

This versatile option can be placed anywhere in your home and doubles as a side table when not used. 

Wall Art Prints 

Wall art prints are an affordable way to add a pop of colour and style to your walls. They can be hung in any room and customised to fit your home’s design. They’re also great for gifting, making them a thoughtful option for anyone with an upcoming celebration.

Floating Frames

Floating frames are a great way to add depth and texture to your space. They’re also an easy way to create a gallery wall without the hassle of hanging multiple frames.

These frames work as well on their own, or they can be displayed in multiples for an even more dramatic effect.

 A floating frame is made up of two pieces: the top frame (which floats over the bottom) and the bottom piece that holds it in place. The top portion of these frames can lift off, so you can easily change the artwork if desired!

Bring the Outdoors, In

A great way to add a bit of a nature-y vibe to your living space is by bringing some plants and greenery inside. A nice jute rug, plant or even a mirror to reflect the outside will help you keep that outdoorsy feeling while still making it feel like home.

Create an Accent Wall

If you don’t have the funds for a full-on remodel, creating an accent wall is a great way to add pops of colour and texture to any room. You can choose from a variety of inexpensive or free materials: wallpaper or paint, large canvas prints, large mirrors or if you are feeling super creative, why not a chalkboard?

Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool for creating mood and highlighting your décor. Consider how you want to use lighting to create different atmospheres, such as:

  • Mood lighting. Use dimmer switches or LED lights to create the perfect ambience for relaxing or entertaining. For example, try setting up three different bulbs in different locations.
  • Artwork enhancement. Light sources will help shine a light on artwork that would otherwise be too dark or difficult to see—and they’ll make it pop!
  • Furniture spotlighting. Any piece of furniture can be given more presence with strategically placed lighting above it (or below). This makes it stand out from its surroundings and draws attention toward it—enhancing its beauty even further.

Opt for Live Plants 

Plants are a great way to add life and energy to any room. They help purify the air, act as a natural humidifier, and can even help you sleep better at night.

 But if you’re unsure where to start with your plant collection, perhaps start with getting some succulents! These hardy little plants look great on their own or in small groups (and they don’t require much care). 

Plus, they’re super easy to find at your local supermarket store or garden centre —no driving around trying to track down rare varieties only available online.

If you’re looking to elevate your living space but don’t want to break the bank, hopefully, this article has inspired you on how you can get creative in decorating your home to make it truly something special.