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Sleek Black And White Kitchen Cabinets Brings Classic Yet Modern Touch To Your Home

The design and style of your kitchen largely depend on the type of kitchen cabinet that you pick. Therefore, you must understand the various types of kitchen cabinets before you pick the one that fits your kitchen. 

The 3 Types of Kitchen Cabinets 

Broadly, there are three types of kitchen cabinets: custom, stock, and semi-stock cabinets. All these types have their pros and cons, and you have to decide which one fits your kitchen space based on these pros and cons. 

Custom cabinetry 

It is a type of kitchen cabinetry that is built to fit your kitchen space. They are unique because they have to be planned to fit your house. The process involves an interior designer who assesses your kitchen space and recommends the right cabinets to fit the space. 

Homes with odd layouts often need custom cabinetry to fit well. While installing custom cabinets, black and white kitchen cabinets can be a color consideration for your home. You have the leeway to choose any color scheme that you prefer. 

Stock cabinets 

Unlike custom cabinetry, stock cabinets come in distinct shapes and styles. They have already been manufactured and you pick from the options available. The beauty is that you usually have a wide range of options from which you can choose ideal stock cabinetry units.  

If you are looking for an affordable way of remodeling your kitchen space, then you should consider stock cabinetry. They are divided into either assembled or ready-to-assemble cabinets. 

Semi-stock cabinets

This type is a blend between stock cabinetry and custom cabinetry. You will enjoy aspects of stock cabinetry though you can modify your cabinets to fit your personal needs. For example, if you want to install black and white kitchen cabinets, you can modify the colors of the stock cabinets. 

When handling semi-stock cabinetry, you should use the services of an experienced carpenter to get it right; otherwise, the aesthetic function of the cabinetry will be lost. 

RTA or Assembled Cabinets?

One of the decisions that you have to make is to decide whether you will use ready-to-assemble units or pre-assembled units. 

Pros of RTA

  • They are affordable and allow homeowners to buy high-quality materials at affordable rates
  • They come in a variety of options for color, trim, and style
  • It is very easy to ship them 

Cons of RTA

  • Assembling the cabinetry units take a lot of time
  • It is easy to scratch the cabinetry units
  • You might need a professional to help you get finished with complex cabinetry units

Pros of pre-assembled cabinetry 

  • Less work for you because the units arrive pre-assembled 
  • It takes a shorter time to install 

Cons of pre-assembled cabinetry 

  • It is often expensive 
  • Takes longer to ship the cabinetry units

4 Categories of Kitchen Cabinets 

Before we look at some of the factors that you must consider when choosing cabinetry, let’s explore the four basic categories of kitchen cabinets. 

Standard base cabinets 

These are the base cabinetry units that take up much of the storage space. They are installed from the floor up to about 34.5” tall. The depth is usually about 24” to allow homeowners to reach the back of the cabinets. 

Some do have countertops, which should be reflective of the overall theme and style. Let’s suppose you have black and white kitchen cabinets; your countertops should be bright. 

Wall cabinets 

They are the most visible and popular of all cabinetry categories. They are attached to the wall and showcase the kitchen’s beauty.

They play a central role in enhancing the kitchen’s beauty because they are the first point of contact for any eye that gets into the kitchen. Therefore, installing beautiful black and white kitchen cabinets should be a priority if you want something exemplary on your walls. 

Tall cabinets 

They run from the floor to the ceiling or near the ceiling. They are mostly installed to serve as the pantry. However, they also have an aesthetic value if they are well thought out during the installation. 

Specialty cabinets 

They are custom cabinets modified to maximize your kitchen space. They could be placed in a corner of the kitchen where normal cabinetry cannot fit. An interior designer needs to calculate the measurements of the space needed to determine the specialty cabinetry needed. 

How to choose cabinetry? 

Now that you understand the various types of cabinets, you must decide the type of cabinet that you will install in your kitchen space. 

Here are some factors that can help you decide the kind of kitchen cabinets that you will pick:

Consider your budget 

The amount of money that you are willing to spend on kitchen remodeling should inform whether you will pick custom or stock cabinetry. 

Anyone with an open budget would always go for custom cabinetry because it is unique and fits the kitchen well. However, this doesn’t mean that stock cabinetry isn’t great; installing stock black and white kitchen cabinets can be a good decision if it fits the theme of your kitchen. 

Consider your kitchen layout

When you have an odd layout in your kitchen, then you will have to use custom cabinetry. It helps to get exactly what you need and where you need it. 

Consider your kitchen space

The space that you have will inform the exact type of cabinets that you can install in your kitchen space. Custom cabinetry can work well in both small and kitchen spaces. However, small kitchen spaces may limit some preassembled cabinetry units. 

This means that you should have the exact measurements of both the kitchen space and the cabinetry units you want to buy. 

Consider your kitchen style 

The overall theme and style should also inform the installation of cabinetry units. Unique colors like black and white kitchen cabinets work well in most kitchen spaces. The idea is to keep a harmonious look between the theme of your kitchen and your chosen cabinetry units. 

Bottom Line 

Kitchen cabinets are important elements in any kitchen remodeling, thus, you should decide the type that fits each category of cabinetry unit depending on your kitchen needs. 

You can always contact an interior designer to help you plan for the ideal cabinetry type for your next remodeling project.