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Nic Salt: All You Need To Know About Taking Healthier Nicotine

What is salt? Salt is a flavor added in food to give it taste. However, chemistry scholars define salt differently. Instead, they would describe it as a product derived from mixing a base with an acid.

In this case, when you mix the purest form of nicotine (base) with an acid like benzoic, you get nic salts. Usually, when you inhale nicotine, you’ll feel a harsh effect on your throat. It’s for that reason that freebase nicotine is mixed with an acid to make it less severe.

What Is The Right Amount Of Nicotine You Should Take?

Are you just hearing about vaping nic salts? Well, you’re not late. If you enjoy freebase nicotine, then you’re about to get mesmerized. Do you remember how harsh it was on your throat? Taking nic salts will bring you a new experience. You should be warned because you’ll end up vaping more because nic salts eliminate the harsh effect on your throat when you switch to vaping.

Choosing the amount of nicotine to take will be based on several things. First, if you’re trying to quit smoking, you need more nicotine like 50mg and above. Another thing to consider is your country’s law. For instance, Europe limit packaging of nic salts to 20mg. Also, if you’re a low consumer for nic salts, you need 3mg. It’s less concentrated but ideal.

There are other forms of taking nic salts besides vaping. For example, caramel Kona milkshake nic salt, blue Vango nic salt, and plum crazy nic salt are some of the other forms you can consume nicotine.

Advantages of Taking Nic Salts

1. Satisfaction

Taking freebase nicotine can be unsatisfying because of its harsh effect on the throat, which limits you from taking enough. However, with a salt nic, you can vape enough and to your satisfaction.

2. They Are Smooth

Did you know cigarette companies use mint, menthol, and Eugenol to cover the harshness of nicotine? Well, nic salts are a form of taking nicotine without experiencing the harshness of it on your throat. It, therefore, makes it a smooth e-liquid.

3. Convenient

Unlike smoking cigarette where you’re left with an awful smell through the day, nicotine salts don’t. Various brands package Nic salt in various forms, some of which look like music pods. It can even look like a piece of melon on a Popsicle. This means you can take your nic even on a date without your partner knowing about it. So, people will think you’re carrying a music pod or pen, but in the real sense, you’ll be carrying nic salts conveniently.

4. They Are Cheap

You need the right amount of nicotine at the right price. Fortunately, nic salts are inexpensive, and therefore, you can enjoy the right amount of nic salts every day.


Every day you’re faced with tough decisions to make. This means you should have something that calms you down by taking the right amount. However, freebase nic can limit you from taking enough. It is therefore essential to switch from freebase nic to a healthier nic mixed with acid to remove the harsh effect on the throat. So, go ahead and start enjoying your nicotine.