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How to Pick Stylish Gifts for any Occasion

Whether you are looking for a gift for the holiday season, for a friend or family member’s birthday, a wedding, or any other gift-giving occasion, you want to choose a fashionably elegant and sophisticated item that they will not only like, but treasure. Whilst this may feel like a challenge, you can find the best gift for any occasion following a few simple steps laid out here.

Before you start, set your budget

How much you spend on the gift will depend on how much you have available, so it is always good to have some idea what your budget is. Some months or years may be lean, in which case your gifts will be less extravagant, but they can always be stylish. Searching online for unwanted gift items that are brand new and unboxed can help your budget whilst still giving you the opportunity to gift something precious you know your recipient will love and which shows your thoughtfulness and appreciation of who they are.

What’s the occasion?

Different occasions require different gifts. A graduation gift is usually one that offers support as the individual begins a bright new future. When it comes to the holiday season and the women you are closest to in your life, including your mother, put in extra efforts to ensure that special gifts for her are ones that you know she will appreciate. This is particularly important if this is your wife or girlfriend, where a romantic gift such as a piece of jewellery or piece of home décor can be a perfect representation of your love as well as a beautiful decorative piece.

Favourite colours

It may already be very obvious what colour your giftee likes the most, just from what they wear or how they decorate their home. If you can, choose your gift in their favourite colour, or choose a colour that represents an emotion that you want to convey. In simple terms, red represents passion, orange for warmth and excitement, yellow for optimism, blue for trust and loyalty, purple for creativity and pink for love. You can use these colours on any gift you choose, from a new winter coat to a piece of home décor. If you are really unsure, choose a neutral colour like black, white or the currently trending grey.

Interests and passions

If your gift recipient is passionate about a particular subject or spends a lot of time on a particular hobby, use this to guide your search for a great gift. You may have overheard in conversation that they are impressed by a particular expert in the field, in which case you can buy tickets to their next event or get a signed copy of their latest merchandise. When out shopping you may have seen them look back at an item in store they cannot justify buying for themselves. If you take a bit of notice, you will find hints to what will be a great gift.

Size doesn’t matter

Gift baskets are fun, personal and appreciated, mostly because they take time to create, time that has been dedicated to the recipient, which is precious in its own right. Gift baskets hold many small items, but for someone heading off to college or moving into their own home, gift baskets of kitchen basics could be really appreciated. Alternatively, a basket of goodies for an at-home spa could be just the pick-me-up needed. Make the gift basket stylish by filling a fabulous tote in place of a traditional gift basket or gift some other large stylish handbag.