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3 Factors Which May Cause Problems with Your Roofing Extended Lifespan in Arlington

Although a roof can become damaged over the years, you must have a roof that can last not only for a few years but rather for decades. You can achieve this if you have a high-quality roofing material that is installed correctly. Even if it requires professional roofing services, it’s worth it in the long run. 

If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your roof, then take note of the following factors that can affect it and either avoid or resolve them:   

1. Poor Ventilation

Many people are surprised to learn how poor ventilation affects their roof’s lifespan and how this affects your home’s overall value. By being aware of what’s going on beneath your roof, you can start to take steps to avoid future roofing problems that will ultimately cost you more money. If you’re unaware of how to inspect your roof for ventilation problems, you can contact Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration – Arlington Roofers as they offer roofing services, including annual roofing inspections. 

You need to check how your roof is venting. This is a process that is used to vent out any moisture in your roof and remove any debris or other pollutants. This is extremely important because moisture is a huge problem for both the structure and your insulation.  

If you have moisture in your roof, it can cause the roof to crack and split apart and make the structure susceptible to rotting. If you have poor ventilation, your roof could easily be in poor condition as you may also be suffering from high humidity levels. This could cause dampness and rot to form in the roof. 

Poor ventilation also results in leaks or breaks in your roof, which means your roof can become quite unstable if it isn’t sealed correctly. Not only could this mean your roof requires replacing, but it could also be damaging to your health. The moisture trapped in your roof can lead to asthma attacks and even headaches. When you have leaks in your roof, you’re not only putting yourself at risk of developing these conditions, but you’re also risking the health of your family.  

Proper roof ventilation prevents condensation, water accumulation, and generally keeps moisture away from your home. With such, you can lengthen your roof’s lifespan.

2. Roof Material

It’s no secret that roofing material can have an impact on the lifespan of your roof, but not many people know what this means or how it affects your roof. There are two main types of materials that impact roof lifespan—those treated with chemicals and those that aren’t treated at all. 

Chemicals will damage the integrity of the roof over time. This includes everything from paint to caulking. In the case of paint, this means the chemicals have a way of eroding at the paint itself over time, leaving you with a patchy and flaky roof. This will have a dramatic impact on how long the roof can hold up.  

Materials like stone or slate, however, are more resistant to chemical treatments. These roofing materials can withstand more years and will maintain their structural integrity for years to come.  

3. Installation

When you have a properly installed roof, you can distribute the roof’s weight over a wider area; this, in turn, helps to keep the roof structurally sound. You also benefit from having a higher level of insulation and a roof that is less prone to leaking when wet or raining heavily. All of these things are extremely important if you are looking for a roof that’ll last you a long time, especially in colder climates. You have the bonus of having a roof that does not sag as much, which is a problem common to improperly installed roofs.  

On the other hand, installing the shingles at the wrong place or in the wrong manner can lead to an uneven installation. An uneven installation could result in shingles slipping out, resulting in the wear and tear of these materials. This wear and tear could result in a shortening of your roof’s lifespan and the subsequent damage to the roof.  

For proper installation, it’s essential to hire a professional company that specializes in installing roofing.  


By making sure your roof is probably installed with the correct ventilation and durable materials, you can be sure that your investment will last you for decades. To be assured that your roof with last, you should be sure to contract professionals with a good track record who will have the skills and experience to give you the roof you deserve.