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Do You Need a License to Drive a Yacht?

For those who love being on the ocean and enjoy spending their time on board, the question of getting a license has probably once or twice gone through your head. But, is it really necessary to have a captain’s license to drive a yacht?

The Coast Guard Law, like many others, is not unanimous in the whole world, which means that it differs greatly depending on the country. If your mind is set on circumnavigating the world, you probably plan on entering many different countries. Some of those countries may have different requirements than others.

This means that getting a license is not a bad idea since owning certain licenses and certifications can help you in local jurisdictions. You would not want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. This is why it is best to collect as much information as possible for the wanted destinations and their own laws.

What qualifications do you need to sail a yacht?

Sailing a yacht should not be any different than driving a car. However, some countries still do not require a license for driving your own boat. But if you are renting a boat or a yacht, you will most likely be asked for a license by the agency that is renting the boat to you. One of the best agencies that provide this service is definitely Sebastus Sailing.

The qualifications for driving a yacht differ and depend on the country’s laws. For example, Croatian laws require at least one person on the vessel to possess valid Navigational and VHF licenses. If you would like to rent a boat for yourself without hiring a skipper, you will have to provide the authorities with a valid license.

To obtain a skipper license, most countries require you to take classes (online or in person) and pass an exam which includes both theoretical elements, as well as practical ones. After completing the course successfully, every trainee will possess a license for all types of boats and almost all types of yachts.

Where can you charter a boat or a yacht?

It is not very easy to obtain a skipper’s or captain’s license. If you want a luxurious and satisfying sailing experience for your dream vacation, but do not have the time to pass the exam, chartering a boat or a yacht might be a good idea. Chartering a boat is different from renting a boat – a boat charter does not include just the boat rental, it also comes with your own captain and crew on board.

If you would like to charter a boat or a yacht, you should explore all the possibilities online. You can rent a boat or charter it, and there is even a possibility of tailoring your own vacation according to your needs and wishes.

For those that find it important to have a luxurious treat for your soul, charter your yacht right away and embark on a journey of a lifetime!