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Doing Laundry Can Be Fun: 4 Ways to Transform Your Laundry Room into Something Awesome

Most people don’t look at laundry as their top favorite chore. It’s a multi-step process that never seems to go away: wash, dry, fold, put up, repeat. But when your laundry room is an enjoyable place to be, doing your laundry can be fun!

Laundry rooms are generally a spartan, boring place where people go to drop off their dirty linens in the wash and come back to switch them over to the dryer. It’s mundane work and the environment itself is even draining to those who go into it over and over. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are 4 ways to transform your laundry room into something awesome so you don’t mind (and maybe even look forward to!) the seemingly endless chore.

Make Your Laundry Room a Fun Place to Be

    1. Install a gaming table. Whatever your favorite games are, why not play them as you wait for your laundry to finish? You’ll look forward to laundry day as the time when you get to rest, relax, and allow yourself some play time. If games aren’t your thing, install a TV or a small personal library. It’s a good trade-off – you’re still working on chores, but you are paying yourself back by taking some time for you and your family.
    2. Invest in comfortable furniture. Since you may be waiting a while for your clothes to finish washing, why not be comfortable while you wait? You’ve got games to play, books to read, or TV to watch. Why not rent furniture to relax on at the same time? You may find the perfect lounging chairs or couch to help make laundry less of a chore and more of a fun getaway from the demands of life.
    3. Keep it cool. In the heat of the summer, your laundry room can be the last place you want to be. The heat of the dryer and the machines in action make a boring chore miserable. Instead, you can invest in an air cooler or other cooling home appliances on rent to lower the temperatures and make your laundry room your favorite room in the house.
    4. Practice your interior design techniques. Your laundry room does not have to be utilitarian. It can be the place you use to show off your personal touches. Whatever your style is, incorporate it into your furniture, your walls, and your choices of color. If you have to be in the laundry room frequently anyway, why not make it a place you enjoy going to?

Make Your Laundry Room the Best Room in the House

Laundry is a regular chore for most people, but if you’ve got to do it anyway, you may as well enjoy it. By investing into a few things to make your laundry room an awesome place to be, you may find yourself not only looking forward to laundry day but maybe even fighting off the rest of your family when they all want to do the chore themselves!