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Roof Satellite Measurements: Why Drones are Leading the Way

Studies conclude that residential construction workers are more likely to die from a workplace injury, followed by other workplace injuries. It was reported, in 2016, that over 900 people have died from falling off a ladder. It has also been reported that close to 800 people have died from falling off a roof.

According to reports, backed by the Federal Bureau of Labor, there is a rise in work-related injuries with professionals too. One study finds that work-related injuries have risen by at least 75%. The report was conducted a few years back, so I am guessing the numbers have increased by 2019, but they are still very relevant.

There are a lot of residential workplaces employing the use of drones to help get the calculations they need. Some may still be on the fence, which is why I have some of the benefits listed below.

1) The Calculations Will Be Safer

Drones and other satellite technology will reduce the chances of someone falling down, especially when you are falling from a 20-foot roof. The power lines do not appear to be a danger when you are down on the ground. However, when you are up on the roof, they become a little more dangerous, especially if you are working close to one.

You could slip and fall off the roof, or into a powerline, depending on how close they are to you. These injuries are going to be a little more severe when you are working with a house that is more than 30 years old.

That is what makes satellite technology perfect. The camera will pick up everything you need, including those “hard-to-reach” areas. The camera will get into those “trouble” areas that are hidden from view. These spots are sometimes the toughest on people to get. It requires the contractor to put their lives in danger by going into those areas and getting the calculations.

A drone will get the calculation you need without you having to risk life and limb to do it. The drone will also get the precise calculations where the contractor can only get an estimate.

2) Precision

The difference a drone makes is that the estimations will come in real-time and be more precise.

High Def:
These drones are some of the best you can find on the market. These drones will target the spot with clear precision. One downside to a person doing the estimations is they do not always get a clear calculation for what they need. They maybe get a rough estimate, at best.

Drones will upload and save the information for you. You just have to download and upload everything into your database. Your search engines do the rest. You will see the images on your computer screen. No one had to be sacrificed on the job to get the information either.

The real-time images will also notify you when there is a tree in the way or anything else that may get in the way.

The Quadcopter Drone: This is one of those high-tech drone toys you can use for your contractual work. They are so good that they can navigate over tree branches and other slippery situations. The other great thing about this type of drone is that it feeds real-time information about water and mold to let the person know where to watch. It picks up things that our eyes cannot.

3) Costs Are Coming Down, Baby!

Liability insurance is the biggest cost insurance companies and contractors deal with, especially when the project is helmed by a DIY homeowner. Most insurance companies are going to look at your roofing project and think, “big payday.” Insurance companies have no issue with raising your premiums once you have had at least high-price accident. They make money from your misfortune.

There is another side of the coin, though. Insurance companies will reward you for being a “good girl and boy” too. They will reward you with perks as long as you stay in your own lane. A drone will help with that.

All you do is send in your camera images, including drone footage, and they will reduce your costs. Now, the trick is you have to do that for a few years before they will roll out the red carpet for you. The insurance company is more likely to be nicer to you once you have established you and your crew are always safe.

4) Let’s Seal the Deal!

Sealing the deal becomes much faster and easier. You can send the images to clients faster and get their responses that much quicker.

The paperwork is drawn up faster, allowing you to move onto other things that require your attention. Your clients can send the roofing images to other people they know. You will be able to draw more clients in with drone footage. They will like what the see and want the same thing.

5) Leading the Way

There are a lot of municipal areas that require you to notify the residents when a drone will be flying in the area. No matter what works is being done. It helps to avoid bad blood with the neighbors beforehand. Accidents can happen without warning. Do you want some stranger coming to you with their injuries telling you they are going to sue? That will not bode well for business, especially your current clients.

This will present a rare chance to speak to someone new. You could tell them about your business, but only if they ask. I do not suggest cramming a business card down their throat without their approval. Some people like to know what is happening, but that is where the appreciation ends. There are a lot of reasons to consider using a drone for your satellite roofing measurements. To find more information about DIY satellite roofing measurements do a Google search. The pros do outweigh the cons.