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5 Satisfying Hobbies You Might Like to Get Into

Having a hobby has been the holy grail of keeping people sane as it is defined by activities that are enjoyable for their relaxation. Some do sports, some collect things, others write or take photographs. Also, hobbies make great business ideasand are the reason of so many people quitting their office jobs in order to do what they like. “If you follow your passion, you won’t have to work a day in your life” are words to live by.

It also helps with mental health, because doing something that you like enhances the brain to release more of the happy hormone, which is serotonin. People that have one or more healthy hobbies have been showed that have lower rates in depression and anxiety and the ones that turned them into their everyday jobs are happier than they were when working their previous ones. These habits release stress and help with relaxation because they are pleasant activities to do.

Hobbies are often important subjects for friendly introductions and the glue that may hold together friendships because people tend to stay close to other people that have the same interests as them. Besides, another enormous benefit is that, through some activities, you can do little things to save the planet by recycling, reusing and reducing the amount of waste you produce.

What is important in having a hobby is that you learn more skills and earn more abilities that you can use in other contexts. For example, reading enriches your vocabulary and develops your intelligence and imagination. Bottom line, there is no hobby that is not productive one way or another.

DIY and hand-made

This is one of the most popular hobbies among people and it has a great variety of activities that you can do by yourself, with other friends or even with children. All you need is scrap materials and a little imagination or some ideas you found on Pinterest. Handmade objects actually make great gifts as well because they are made with passion and directly dedicated to the receiver, very personal and with emotional charge. They even last longer than the ones you can buy from the stores. The explanation is that the former ones are made with greater care and attention, whilst the latter ones are made in a hurry and by machines, which cannot beat hand crafting. Moreover, the stuff that you make yourself will be one of a kind, on one hand because you personalise everything, on the other hand because you can’t possibly do a replica of the same object over and over (not even handwritten letters have the same shape and size).

Treasure hunting

It’s not necessarily about the game as a social activity, but actual treasure hunting. Some people dig to see if they can find any artefacts, some go underwater and you won’t believe what they find in there. If you want to start doing this yourself, you should start by searching for precious metal. All you need is patience and a basic metal detector and you can start walking on the beach or even in your back yard to try and find underground metal artefacts or usual objects. Over the years people found an impressive amount of old historical coins and other small things that you can actually find in museums or in personal collections nowadays.

Some even have a very important value in terms of money, but you have to realise what you found, get it checkedand then monetize it for the right amount. Some of the objects you find may add up to historical knowledge and can help solve some mysteries.


Growing your own crops can help with diminishing waste production in general, because you don’t have to buy them at grocery stores, hence you don’t purchase plastic packing or bags and you don’t throw away that much food. Consumerism encouraged people to buy massive amounts of things they don’t need, including food, and more people throw away even the perfectly good one.

Besides that, having your own vegetable and fruit production decreases the amount of chemicals you swallow daily, because you have control over what goes to the roots of the plants and what doesn’t. This is both a healthy and productive behaviour.

However, if you don’t have enough time to care for plants that require a lot of attention (like crops do) you can as well have a garden of flowers that are low maintenance. For example, roses don’t need that much water and you only have to groom them once a year

Making organic beauty products

This is not hard at all, because you can never do something wrong when it comes to natural and bio products. The only tricky business is that you have to pay attention to the expiration date because it’s considerably shorter than the ones on the cosmetics you find in stores. You can try different combinations and stick to the ones that work for you. There are many organic cosmetics recipes and ideas you can find on the internet and the prime materials are very easy to find


Back in the day this used to be a mandatory activity if you wanted to survive, but nowadays it started to lose credit in favour of catering and restaurants, as ordering food became more affordable and people busier. In the past few years there has been a trend in making or watching video recipes and it is pretty satisfying to do so, because everything seems so easy. Cooking can actually turn into a veritable art if you really put your mind to it.

It’s actually not that hard to cook, as technology advanced so much. It can be as slow or fast as you want and it saves you some money because it’s cheaper than eating out. It can also be a relaxing activity after a busy day at work and may give you great satisfaction and proudness if the food you’re making is more delicious than the one you buy (and usually homecooked food is better). Besides that, you have control over what you put in it and you can season it however you want.