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4 Qualities of the Best Windows For All Seasons

Windows are among the most notable features of a house’s exterior. How they blend in with the rest of the exterior can create additional curb appeal or mar the overall visual impression of any house.

Today’s windows are expected to meet ever-increasing standard demands for homeowners. Compare the windows your house currently has installed to the modern standards listed below. If you have older windows, you are in for a pleasant surprise with a modern window update.

Part I

1. Great Insulative Qualities

One of the major complaints the windows of the past were that they were cold and drafty. After all, a window is an opening in a house wall. These openings do compromise interior comfort if they are single pane windows with poor insulation.

Today’s windows have addressed this major issue the old windows of the past invariably offered. They are much better insulated. Heavy-duty vinyl and caulking give practically impenetrable insulation to the window.

Superior insulation gives the window much better weather-resistant qualities. Well insulated windows keep houses warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

2. Sturdy Construction

The glass used in today’s windows is thicker and stronger. The best windows now use multiple panes in their construction. This thicker glass and the multiple panes dramatically increase construction quality.

This better, stronger glass is encased with a stronger engineered frame that gives a window ample rigidity. Some window makers even use polymers to further strengthen the glass of the windows they produce.

3. Safety

Other than unlocked doors, windows is a favorite entry point for thieves. Stronger windows with better latching and locking systems serve as a deterrent for such thieves. The older windows simply cannot match the safety features of these modern windows.

4. Appearance and Functionality

These new windows come in a variety of styles and finishes. Window makers can more easily accommodate and match exterior house features with more choices than ever before.

The methods of how they are opened and closed are equally impressive. They can even be opened and closed remotely.

Now windows can be opened from the top, bottom or from the center. These options are much appreciated when cleaning time comes around. Being able to stay inside and clean the exterior of a window is a real bonus for those who hate ladders and exterior weather conditions.

Part II

3 Traits of the Best Window Installers

1. Quality Installs

Local window installers who have a good reputation should be your first source when looking for the best window installers.

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2. Timely Completion

One of the most important requirements for the best window installers is a timely completion. A set date for completion means the work is done on schedule and finished at the agreed-upon time.

Window installation is not a job that should be delayed repeatedly. Storing newly purchased windows for extended periods of time risks breakage and damage.

New window purchases should be made in coordination with an installation completion schedule. The best installers can confidently make and meet these installation schedules.

3. Guarantees

The best installers always offer work quality guarantees. They guarantee their work to be free of installation mistakes. They also offer to return and repair any defects found after they complete their work at no additional charge to the customer.

They cannot however cover any defects in workmanship or window construction. They guarantee the work they do on the windows and not the quality of the window itself.


Consider a window upgrade today, but be sure you employ the best window installer you can find locally. It is advisable to use a local installer since they will be most accessible should an issue with your new windows arise.