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Everything you need to know about THC-O Products

For many people interested in cannabis, the initial reaction when they learn about a compound that is believed to be three times more potent than THC could be sheer awe or even pure bewilderment. Others might seem like an incredible blessing. Everyone curious about alternative, therapeutic hemp-derived, cutting-edge, or hemp-derived cannabinoids should be aware of THC-O. It is a highly potent and borderline psychedelic variant of cannabis that is at least 30 percent more potent than the most potent THC.

If you are a curious pothead, be sure to proceed with caution even though THC-O is accessible online for purchase; however, whether it’s a genuinely safe synthetic is a matter of debate. The promise of the cannabinoid with this effectiveness could be a boon for more than just the varsity stoners. 

What is THC-O?

THC O acetate, also known as THC, is a synthetic counterpart (or chemical twin) of THC. It means that even though THC-O is a cannabinoid, it’s not natural and cannot be manufactured using modern cannabis-related technology.

A series of extractions have to be performed to produce THC-O Products. The first step is that CBD can be extracted using less than 0.3 percent THC hemp (made legally available in the US in the 2018 Farm Bill). Then, delta-8 THC gets extracted from CBD. The organic solvent acetic anhydride is injected into the delta-8 THC molecules, a procedure that eliminates all terpenes and flavonoids and leaves behind a tasteless fragrance-less, thick motor oil THC isolate with the potential to be polarizing.

Research, regulation, and information about THC-O’s effects are not available. However, scientists have determined that it is a “prodrug,” or a substance that must be metabolized to trigger. After THC-O has been metabolized, the only thing left is a bio-available variant of delta-9 THC which means that the change is absorbed and circulated within the body. Bioavailability is a speculative way to increase power. It is to say that there are at the very least individuals who consume THC-O, which is more potent than an eagle’s, and consume a lot of booties.

Is THC-O a legal substance?

Yes, since THC-O is the product of hemp that is legal under federal law and has the absence of delta-9 THC.

However, the potency and chemical composition of THC-O suggest that it is in an uncertain position. Although it originated from hemp, it is technically akin to a Schedule I drug (cannabis), which could be a Schedule I drug based on the 1986 Federal Analogue Act. Insofar as the supply chain of its production is traceable back to federally licensed hemp, THC-O exists in enough of a grey area to be able to pass under the radar of the FDA, at least for the moment.

Several reliable hemp brands currently advertise their THC-O products to purchase on the internet. The potency of cannabis might entice more sophisticated stoners, and they should be treated cautiously. 

Is THC-O secure?

It all depends on who you inquire. At the beginning of 2000, the synthetic variants of THC were the naturally occurring cannabinoids and had nothing to do chemically with the actual cannabis. Therefore, the term “synthetic cannabinoid” rightfully provokes some trepidation. However, unlike non-classical synthetics, THC has the same chemical characteristics as Delta-8 and delta-9 THC. They’re all the result of cannabis plants, not unlike the highly toxic, questionably made smoking mixtures from the early 2000s.

In addition, most information on THC-O suggests against smoking which suggests that the compound is an antidrug, a chemical that needs to be processed to be effective. A few studies suggest that THC-O is a potent ingredient for therapeutic use when used as an alternative to consuming a tincture made from edibles. For cannabis users with the kinds of ever-growing THC tolerances that can hinder chronic pain management, products made of THC may fit with their lives better than other products with higher doses for recreational use. While there’s no evidence suggesting that THC-O is particularly hazardous, there is no evidence to suggest it’s any safer than other cannabis derivatives. Anyone who is looking to try THC-O is sure to proceed with a reputable brand like Vivimu. To be able to utilize the distillate in the comfort of one’s own home, Vivimu offers Delta 8 THCO Acetate in bulk options. To know more visit!