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How to Choose the Best Moving Company

To hire a moving company, you first need to know the questions that you will ask. Since you will be entrusting your property to people you don’t know, it’s vital to be cautious not to get into scams. Do your research well before you make a deal with a moving company. 

The following steps will enable you to get a good moving company in Oklahoma City

Start early

The moving day is very stressful if you decide to find the company to use at the last minute. You need to start your research early. You will get enough time to compare different companies with their estimates. 

If a moving company is available at the last minute, there has to be something wrong somewhere. 

Get all reviews and read them

Word of mouth and online reviews are the best to use as a start in choosing the best company to use. Ask colleagues and friends about a suitable company to use. Read online reviews on the sites you trust like google and Better Business Bureau. You will be able to get reliable and unbiased information about the company of your choice. 

Get experts in the field

Don’t use any moving company available at your disposal. Do you have any unique property that needs special handling? A moving company must have experts who know how to handle them. Reputed moving companies like Mack’s Moving Company bring their expertise and experience to every job. You will get information about the companies’ expertise on their official websites. 

Get estimates

Once you have a compiled list of moving companies, it’s time to check their estimates. A company that doesn’t give an onsite estimate is a red alert. Get at least three in-person estimates before committing to one company to use. With estimates, you will have several options to choose the right company to use. 

Find out the extra costs

Will you pack everything on your own, or the company will do it on your behalf? Will the company provide moving supplies, including moving blankets and boxes? Is fuel included in the estimates, or you will have to fuel the trucks? All these questions will enable you to determine if there are any hidden costs. 

 The balance between price and quality

Determine the best company to use by comparing price and quality. Cheap movers aren’t good, and good movers aren’t cheap. A high price doesn’t also reflect a good company. Consider other factors like pricing and reputation to see the value of your money. 

Hire local movers

Hiring a local company based in your region is cheaper and safe. You will not be a victim of unscrupulous movers operating only on the internet. You should visit the company’s office and check out its equipment. 

Companies located far from your region, despite being genuine, aren’t cheap. You will have to fuel their trucks to your region. 

Verify the company credentials

Are you moving outside your state or within your state? Moving out of state means you have to get a licensed company. The department of transportation offers these licenses. A licensed company must provide the DOT number on its official website as proof.

For in-state moves, the conditions vary about the areas of operation. In some regions, the company has to have a DOT number. 

Make sure the company you are using is in line with the regulations set by the state. 

Be keen on large deposits

A genuine company will not request you to send more than 20 per cent of the estimated price. Some other companies will not need deposits until they deliver your property. 

If a company holds you hostage to pay more than 20% for service delivery, then contact the police for help. 


Hiring the best moving company is everyone’s dream. You need to be keen and use the above tips to avoid scams.