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Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an integral part of every human’s life and this is not up for debate. However, numerous conversations are geared around the quantity and quality of sleep.

Clearly, everyone desires a good night’s rest before a hard day’s work ahead and why not? If the body is rested, then the mind is refreshed and if the mind is fully charged, then there’s nothing stopping you from delivering your best.

The question on everyone’s mind of course is how to attain that perfect sleep?

Should you get the most expensive mattress out there? Does it have something to do with the filling of your pillow? Can it become better if you get a soothing sound machine?

We’re going to hit the most basic aspect, your sleeping position. How you sleep has a major effect on how you wake up. And everybody wants to rise from sleep with arms above shoulders in a lazy stretch and a nice big smile on their face. In other words, well rested.

What’s Your Sleeping Position?

Let’s Back Up

Sleeping on your back may seem like the most natural position because this how you first lie down on the bed. But there are slight differences in this position as well. Some prefer sleeping in soldier with straight arms and straight legs while others move into a savasana which involves a slight parting of legs and arms. There’s also the starfish where you bend your arms on either side of the head and move the legs further apart. Whichever you choose, rest assured you will be gaining several benefits including prevention of acid reflux, neck pain and even wrinkles. Then there’s the fact that it helps keep your spine realigned. Do take note that people who have a tendency to snore or have been diagnosed with sleep apnea should avoid back sleeping because there’s the chance of your tongue blocking the airways and otherwise creating pressure.

The Lowdown on Facedown

Sleeping on one’s stomach may not appeal to the general sleeper, but it is loyally followed by many. Usually identified as the freefall position, your arms frequently end up bent on either side of your head or under the pillow whilst your legs are slightly apart. Unfortunately, a lot of experts argue stomach sleeping leads to a lot more cons than pros. Because much of your body weight is centered, your core ends up sinking deeper into the mattress while the rest of your limbs including your head stay higher up causing an imbalance on your spinal alignment and resulting in neck and back pain. This also leads to undue pressure on your muscles, joints and organs forcing your body to shift positions throughout the night thereby lowering the chance of quality sleep. On the bright side, because you are facing down, your airways are open thus being able to prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

Pick A Side, Left or Right

Studies have shown that most people are what is referred to as side sleepers. This popular sleep position comes in two flavors, log and yearner. Whereas in the first one, arms are positioned on the side, the second one is differentiated by arms stretched out in front. While both of them allow for proper spine alignment and open airways aid in the prevention of sleep apnea, snoring and acid reflux due to an elevated esophagus, there are specific differences when it comes to which side you choose. Those who sleep on their left can look forward to improvement in blood flow and ease of heartburn, but may face nightmares due to additional strains on liver, lungs and stomach. Right side sleepers, be on the lookout for constricted blood vessels and inhibited circulation. In terms of negative issues, experts warn that side sleeping, overall, may lead to facial wrinkles and breast sag.

Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

No we are not referring to the U2 song, but shedding light on the next sleep stance. The most popular one, the fetal position, quite literally involves sleeping the way a baby does with both knees tucked up into the chest. Quite unsurprisingly, this is also the position of choice for expectant mothers probably because it helps lessen bending of the spine and increases relaxation of the joints. Of course if curled up too tight, one might find it difficult to breathe due to the constriction of the diaphragm, but this can be easily remedied by lowering the chin and knees slightly.

Strike A Pose, A Sleeping Pose

In a fast-paced world filled with technological gadgets to aid us every step of the way, we tend to forget that sometimes our own bodies are our best bet to attain comfort, including quality sleep.

Needless to say, we should not stop spending proper time, money and research on premium sleeping aids, but we should start focusing on the premise of sound sleep, more specifically, on our sleeping position.

It doesn’t matter whether you snore, have acid reflux, are expecting a child or harbor neck and back pain. Quite frankly, there is a right sleeping position out there for each of you and the best part is you can give all of them a try, time and again, for absolutely free, until you hit the right mark. And when you do, sweet dreams indeed.

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Magniflex strives to keep the customer’s comfort first and foremost in mind by offering top-quality memory foam mattresses that will help them achieve a state of restful bliss without causing physical strain on their backs and financial strain on their banks. The company understands the importance of delivering premium sleep in order for people to attain ultimate performance at all levels and is proud to provide just that to over 35 million people across the world.

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