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Campervan Relocations – The Cheapest Way to Travel

So you’re planning to go on a roadtrip in Australia, a vast country with a very diverse terrain. One minute you’re driving through the red desert, the next you’re seeing tall, lush trees. For this reason, getting a campervan is the best option for you. Think of it as your mobile home. Not only is it perfect for the changing roads, it also provides the space you need to pack everything you need, especially if you’re planning to camp on any of the national parks.

However, renting a campervan can be too pricey for the budget traveler. On top of the rent fee, you’ll have to think about fuel and other expenses related to renting a motorhome. The good news is there’s a cheaper option to getting a motorhome — campervan relocation.

Affordable traveling with campervan relocations

Rental companies would often have surplus vehicles located in different cities in the country. They can get a truck to drive the vehicles to wherever warehouse they need to be, or they can just get travelers like you to drive them back.

This why campervan relocations are such an affordable way to go from city A to city B. You can pay as low as AUD 1, depending on the type of vehicle and the length of time it takes for you to drive it to them. For companies like DriveNow, there are some instances when you can get free fuel allowance. So get a campervan for a very budget friendly price, and they get their vehicles back for the price of fuel, everybody wins!

The great thing about this is relocation happens constantly. All you need to do is to look out for a deal that suits you. For instance, you can try DriveNow motorhome relocation now and find different deals on offer, going through cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, and Cairns.

Why choose a campervan?

If you’re a budget traveler, going from one hostel to another can still be pricey. Rates vary depending on the city plus the commute going to and from these cities may already cost half the budget you’ve set for this trip. A motorhome or a campervan is the most practical solution. You can choose from different sizes and facilities, some of which can sleep six people.

You will also get the chance to camp out, which is an experience in Australia you wouldn’t want to miss. Especially in national parks where the skies become clear at night, it’s the perfect respite for a full day of touring, just camping out and counting how many constellations you can see.

Additionally, it’s not like planes and ferries can let you see the landscape. The best part about road trips is being able to visit destinations you probably haven’t even heard of. Quaint villages and obscure places of interest that are replete of the usual tourist crowd.

On your Australia trip, make sure to log on to the vehicle rental website like DriveNow and get campervan relocation deals that fit your travel itinerary.