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6 Steps To Start Operating Your Petrol Lawnmower

Your petrol lawnmower deserves much-needed attention in the springs. It has remained inactive for an entire season, but now you wish to renovate your garden and trim those unwanted leaves. However, you might face some technical issues and glitches while initiating the machine after weeks of no use.

But, don’t worry. Simply check out some of its vital parameters like compression, fuel, and engine, before using the device. Also, you should initialize the machine only in an open and wide area.

Follow these simple DIY (Do It Yourself) steps before you start using your petrol-operated mower.

Check Petrol

Before putting your mower to use, make sure that you have already filed up fresh fuel in its tank. Petrol becomes stale within two to three weeks. So, always use fresh petrol for your mower’s effective use.

The best way to check out the oil level in the tank is by oil dipstick. You can refer to the user’s manual for more information about it.

In short, take out your oil dipstick and insert it again. Take it out, and soon you will know the oil level as indicated on the dipstick.

There will no indication on the dipstick if your tank is empty.

Replace Air Filter

A blocked air filter is strictly not recommended. Sometimes, they obstruct the passage of fresh air leading to technical glitches while operating the mower. You must check the mower’s air filter (made up of foam) periodically before using it in the new season. Replace the air filter with a new one, if it’s too dirty or can’t be cleaned further.

Air filters are engine-specific. So, buy the one, which is compatible with your mower’s engine. The air filter prevents dust particles and other harmful irritating compounds from entering deeper inside the machine’s engine and affects its efficiency. A blocked air filter, which largely remained unclean for a long time, may potentially damage the machine’s engine.

Fix Spark Plug Issue

You must pay close attention to the spark plug before making your lawnmower run. You should thoroughly inspect the spark plug to ensure if everything is alright and in order.

Check the one end of the spark plug. If it’s wet, then your carburettor is alright. But, if it’s dry, then your combustion chamber isn’t getting enough supply of petrol. It usually happens because of a clogged carburettor. If you notice this problem, you should replace your old spark plug with a new one through a spark plug socket.

Test Ignition System

Before making your petrol mower start, you need to test its ignition system as well. Use an inline spark tester to check if the machine’s ignition system is working properly or not.

Simply connect the one end of your mower to the spark plug wire and it’s another end to the muffler. If you notice a spark on the initiation of the device, then its ignition system is working fine, and there’s no need to worry.

Inspect Cutter Blade

Before you start operating the machine, you should also inspect its cutter blade. Before that, you need to make sure that the spark plug cap is removed. Now, cautiously turn over the mower. You will be now able to inspect the blade. These edges should be sharp enough to hasten the grass-cutting process.

Examine the Compressor

Examining the machine’s compressor is also necessary. Put a compression testing thread into the machine’s spark plug hole. Now, check out the level of compression while starting the engine. If there is a technical fault at the compressor, then the machine won’t start.


If you still face problems even after trying these steps, then your petrol-operated lawnmower needs greater attention from a mower technician. At this stage, it’s better to get it checked and fixed by a specialist. Contact a lawn mower repair & service center immediately for help.

If a technician feels that your machine needs an urgent replacement as it has encountered some serious technical issues that can’t be repaired or fixed, then you may need to buy a new lawnmower.