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Feature Walls Are Reappearing- Here’s The Way To Get Them Proper

If you feel something missing in your home walls but can’t figure it out. You are confused about what to do with those huge blank walls. This article might be helpful. Just by decorating a single wall, you can add a lot of styles to a room devoid of making it feel sedulous.        

Nowadays, feature walls and designer wallpaper have become very popular. These walls are highly recommended by interior designers.  A luxury wall art adds an amount of visual attention and spice obsession up, exclusive of overwhelming the space.

Things like these play an important role to add both texture and color to any space in your home. This article will take a look on the basis concerning luxury wall art as well as the way to pull off this design style.

Basic information related to feature wall:

Feature wall, the term refers to the single wall in the room that is decorated in a different way to the other walls, in turn, to help it show up as of the rest interior. This luxury wall art is also known as an accent wall.

It can be something from a simple diverse colored wall to the walls having intricate or attention-grabbing patterns whereas the other walls are simple. This allows building a focal point in the room and altering things up from basic or boring usual home décor.

As a single wall needs to be decorated with designer wallpaper, it makes them an easy option to redecorating the entire room. They are a rapid win for people looking to renovate their rooms in a limited time.

Where to use feature wall?

You can use feature walls and designer wallpaper in any room. They are most frequently seen in bedrooms and living rooms. However, it’s totally up to you. As the name shows, it show up the features of the wall and that’s the reason they are most frequently seen used on the walls of living rooms or the headboard wall of the bedrooms.

You can also use designer wallpaper to build different spots within the room like a comfy reading corner or place that has its own colors identical to the rest of the room’s interior decoration.

Using designer wallpaper in kid’s rooms, there is less of an edge since specific walls that can be used as kids feature walls frequently feature wall paintings, characters, and portraits. However, you are normally free to select any wall that would provide your feature wall fresco with the most eminence.

Selecting perfect designer wallpaper for your feature wall:

There exists hardly a few, if some, restrictions when it’s time to select designer wallpaper for the walls of your home since it is just that- your living place!

A few of the most trendy designs used for feature walls at The Wow Style comprises wood, slate effect designer wallpaper, and faux brick, which provides an exceptional vision to traditional wallpapers that helps the luxury wall art to show up.

Our exceptional designer wallpaper is produced completely by our own team of creative proficient’s to form something entirely innovative and inspirational for your space. Other trendy designer wallpaper designs comprise geometric wallpaper, animal printed designs, striped designer wallpaper, and several other designs.  

Finest stuff for feature wall:

The addition of a feature wall to your home is much simple than you think. There are numerous options on hand, which means that you can select the stuff which perfectly matches your requirements.

Paint would be the most evident way out since it is pretty economical and flexible to try out with. However, do not permit this to restrict your choices and creativeness. Wallpaper is a choice, at hand in an extensive collection of patterns, designs, and styles.

Designer wallpaper is simple to set up, assembling this simple DIY task that you can complete within a single week. If you wish to add some amount of natural feel, think about wall cladding.

Some in style options out there:

Stone Cladding:

Wall cladding is the method of layering additional stuff on your walls. If you would like to get a natural feel and the magnificence of the unrefined and incomplete appearance, think about stone wall cladding.

The parts are first-rate artificial stones that are very light in weight. That’s the best choice for areas that are required to have a feel of natural consistency and affection.

No matter it is the apace around the fireplace or the bathroom, remember that wall cladding will create an immense difference. When it appears to wall cladding, you have an extensive range of textures, finishes, and dimensions to select from. When you go for the organic and incomplete appearance; go for free from stone wall cladding. If you wish to have a hygienic and modest visual, fasten with linear walling.

Geometric Wall:

Paint is inexpensive and handy stuff, to start with. However, it does restrict your concerning designs, textures, and patterns. Use sticky tape to make your own DIY geometric luxury wall art with the colors which go well with your interior color design.

Geometric walls are in style fashion, adding up visual attention in a radiant manner. When you experience like your home requires an alteration, you can redecorate the wall to revive the interior style.

Marble Feature Wall:

Since marble is well-appointed and high-class stuff, you don’t have to give it a chance to get a smooth pattern. There are a plethora of marble wallpaper styles and designs, from faint to valiant and exceptional.

The most excellent thing is that there exist peel-off options too if you don’t like disorganized schemes. In contrast, this permits effortless taking away, and the walls will stay unharmed.

Have a look at the different wall covering choices as well. The art prints, luxury wall art, and canvas prints collection from The Wow Style bring you the luxury wall art offered to purchase online.

With designs varying from huge creative handmade paintings on canvas, to minute, gallery-wall-fit structured art prints you will be capable of finding something for the interior you are covering.

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