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Bailey Banks and Biddle’s Tips on How to Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring

Not all engagement rings are created equal. Why? Each ring reflects your bride-to-be’s personality, sense of style, and your love story. Asking for her hand in marriage can be overwhelming. There is a feeling of joy, anxiety, excitement, and fear. What if she says no? What if the ring won’t fit? All those questions linger, and your stomach is doing somersaults as the day of your wedding proposal draws near. It only goes to show that this special occasion requires preparation. So you have found a perfect venue for the engagement day. You have already planned everything except the most important item that will cap the night off-the engagement ring!

Although you have accompanied your girlfriend when shopping for clothes, buying the right engagement ring for her is a different story. With plenty of concepts and styles to choose from, it will be difficult for you to decide which one is the perfect symbol of your love. Here is a quick guide to finding the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

Know Your Budget

It is hard to explore your options when you have not established your budget. Knowing how much you are willing to pay for an engagement ring narrows down your selection. Asking your girlfriend to marry you is a once in a lifetime event. Some men will go the extra mile by spending 2 months salary on a stunning engagement ring. However, if this only results in going into major debt after your wedding, it is much better to analyze your budget first. There are finest selections of rings that you can afford. You might think about delaying your plan to propose just because your preferred ring does not suit your budget. The ring is a symbol of your love. It does not have to blow all your savings so take some time to find the ring with a value-based price.

Know Her Ring Size

This is the trickiest part of buying an engagement ring. Since you do not want to spoil the surprise, you will do anything just to ensure that your special someone will not know about your plan of proposing to her. You can get creative and resourceful when finding out her ring size. You will screw up in the entire purchasing process if you get the wrong size. Although you can still take the ring back to the jeweler, you cannot undo the awkward moment when you found out that the ring does not fit. Picking the right size maintains the surprise factor. You can ask your girlfriend’s sister, mother, or friends. If she wears a ring, you need to find out where she is keeping it. Get the size when she is asleep. You need to find the right timing in this process.

Research Her Unique Style and Preference

After you have succeeded in finding out her ring size, you will need to research her style so you can purchase the ring that matches her taste. You need to have the mind of a detective to know what she wants for an engagement ring. It can be in a form of a hypothetical question. You can mention a friend who just got married and asks about her preferences if she were to tie the knot someday. It can also be as subtle as asking her if she likes diamonds or gold jewelry. You can also take her to the jewelry store and pretend to be interested in some of the jewelry items being sold. Ladies are drawn to gorgeous pieces. There is a great chance that she will look at the rings herself. Take note of her reaction because it will be your basis for buying the perfect engagement ring for her.

Choose The Ring Band

The ring band comes in a variety of metal types. The most common are silver, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. When exploring the engagement ring band, get to know each metal’s advantages and disadvantages. For instance, platinum lasts a long time because it is a durable metal. However, it loses its luster more quickly than gold. Gold ring band, on the other hand, is more lustrous than platinum. It is also easy to polish. However, since it is a soft metal, it tends to wear down faster than platinum. The durability of the ring band is important, but your girlfriend might be more focused on the style. You can have an engagement ring with a combination of both qualities if you purchase them from a trusted jewelry store like Bailey Banks & Biddle.

Finding an engagement ring for your special someone can be stressful, but once you find the perfect piece, all the efforts you put in will be worth it. It takes months of preparation before you can finally pop the question. Do not ruin the moment just because of an ill-fitting or plain-looking ring. Whether your girlfriend is into traditional or modern engagement rings, Bailey Banks & Biddle jewelry store always has a gorgeous piece in store for you.