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Laundry Do’s and Don’ts While Traveling

Traveling is fun, and exploring new places is exciting. However, if your trip is longer than a week or two, you might need to think about the options you have available to do your laundry.

Don’t worry, this chore doesn’t need to take you a lot of time if you properly pack and use some of the tips we will share below:

Do use the services available around you

Depending on where you’re traveling or staying, you might have multiple options available to you when it comes to doing laundry. 

It’s good to check these out before your trip, just so you can plan your itinerary accordingly. Some of the options that may be available are:

Washing machine in your accommodation 

When booking, it’s useful to check if the accommodation has a washing machine available. This is the easiest method, as you won’t have to wander around a new city to find a different service. If they come included, these are most likely to be free to use.

Hotels often offer their own laundry service. This can be quite expensive, but it’s a good trade-off when it comes to saving time. 


Laundromats are facilities that let you use washing and drying machines for a small fee, usually paid in coins.

Laundromats are convenient and easy to use if you can find them near you. They’re easily available around the USA but might not even exist in others, so do your research before relying on this option.

Some laundromats offer to let you drop off your items and pick them up later while a worker does the job for you. While this is convenient, it’s also up to four times more expensive than doing your laundry yourself. 

Local laundry service

Search around for laundry services in the town or city you’re staying in. Sometimes, dry-cleaning places offer laundry services too. Local laundry service can also refer to a small, family-owned business. Either way, it’s a convenient and, most of the time, inexpensive way to do your laundry.

Some laundry services offer pickup and delivery to your address if you want to save some time. If you’re staying in New Jersey, this agency for laundry in Hoboken offers you the option to schedule the service on your phone and offers contactless pick-up and delivery so that you don’t have to plan your whole day around your laundry. 

Do learn how to hand-wash

The cheapest and easiest option on this list is to hand-wash your clothes. You won’t need many things—just some laundry detergent and a sink. This method is convenient when you don’t have a full batch of clothes to wash but just a couple of items.

Sort your clothing into piles according to color and submerge them in the sink briefly. If there are no stains that are visible, you don’t have to scrub. 

Make sure that you also have a place to hang your wet clothes. Before hanging them, gently wring out the excess water. You can bring a clothesline with you. It’s compact, easy to store, and you can always find a place to hang it.

Don’t come unprepared

If you’re planning to do your own laundry on the go, it’s good to come prepared. Here are a few items we recommend you bring with you: a sink stopper, laundry detergent, travel laundry bag, and a clothesline.

Don’t pack items that are hard to take care of

Avoid bringing items that wrinkle easily if possible. Most practical items for traveling are made of nylon or polyester. They will also not stain easily. If you’re traveling in the wintertime, then we recommend knitwear, especially wool, as it’s naturally resistant to stains and odors.