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Benefits of Having Drones for Video

Drones are one of the most useful wonders science have given to mankind, drones are also known as unmanned aircraft and generally whenever we hear about drones the first thing which comes to our mind is warfare and missiles. Now we have got a lot of uses, and various types of drones such as mini drone cameras.

But, if we look at the brighter side of life we will come to know that drones has got a lot of uses there as well, if you have been to a wedding then you may have seen photographers using a lot f new technologies, these technologies will also include a small drone helicopter, youtubers, content creators and many other people are earning an handsome amount because of this new technology.

Earlier, America only used drones for bombing, now, even for surveillance and security issues, at huge events such as cricket matches and the family festivals, police squads and other security personals are advised to have drones for keeping an eye on each participant and audiences.

With respect to their uses, drones are also classified as number of types, in this article we will only highlight the videography aspect which can be achieved through drones.

What do we need in a good video?

Before we move towards the benefits of drones for good video making through drones, we must have a look at our general expectations from our videos.

  • A good video is clear which has got complete details of all the objects visible in the video.
  • A good video recording has got each angle captured without any hindrance.
  • Each section of the video has to be clear and the points for recording must be captured accurately.
  • The right equipment has to be on point, such as microphone and lenses or covers for recording in rain.

Benefits of recording with drones

Different video angles

In older films, when there were no drones for shooting films and ads the producers had to borrow helicopters and cranes for getting best shots of the scene.

As compared to then, now we have got more options for recording. Now, drones that have cameras are able to take aerial views in quite an easy way.


Drone cameras are more affordable than other options, which I described above. The price of a drone will be under 500 dollars, and the price which we normally pay can fall up to 550 dollars including the cameras and other equipment.

Smooth video recording

If a person will record videos, there is a high risk, that the video will be rough and shaky, a drone will not disappoint you at this point.

The video quality will be stable and there will be minimum distortions which we usually experience when there is a person holding a camera.

Time efficient

When you are using a drone, you do not need any sort of huge team, that is why you won’t be spending much time on it.

You can have it alone, but I would recommend having at least two people in your team, one for keeping an eye on the screen and the other must record.


You won’t be able to have the best cameraman who can turn around, run and capture the right moments.

So, the only option left for you is the ultimate drone. There will be least obstruction a dn your camera man can easily capture each and every detail just by using some buttons and a bit of brain, lastly, it does not mean that you can ask any random person to control drone for you, the person must know all the technicalities of a drone.