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Slim Guy’s Guide to Being Fashionable

Don’t give up just yet! Your slim-guy troubles will soon be gone. There’s a way out and it’s not actually that hard. This guide will help you bring out the fashionable you without requiring anything beyond present-day possibilities.

Wear Slim-Fit Clothes

Don’t wear baggy clothes that will make you look a lot slimmer. Trust me, if you think bigger shirts make you look more muscular, you’re wrong.

Without any shape forming along the sides of your clothes that would indicate a more muscular body, you won’t be fooling anyone. With baggy clothes, you’ll only achieve a curtain-like attire — letting your body shrink into a distasteful, over-sized vessel.

Wear slim-fit clothes and let your shape stand-out. This is the more aggressive solution to your problem. Try it out and see yourself look more decent and classy. You’ll actually look bigger than you used to since your clothes fit you right: allowing less space around your sleeves and torso (which make you look like a bag of chips), showing more of your shape, and overall making you more attractive as a slim dude.

Stack those Layers!

If the occasion and weather allow you to do so, experiment with some layering.

Layering will make you look more muscular and less skinny. Although skinny is not bad, there are just guys who prefer to look more athletic. Maybe this boosts their confidence or they’re just more comfortable with such attires. If you feel the same way, you might need to go shopping for cardigans and sweaters.

But, remember to take it easy with stacking clothes up on yourself or you might just go overboard. Make sure you’re still looking naturally brawny and not made up of foam underneath. Too much layering can make you look fluffy, like a teddy bear. Avoid this mistake.

Don’t Go Too Slim

It’s advisable to go with clothes that really complement your body. However, don’t go too far with the skinnies.

Wearing oh so tight pants can make you look like a walking stick. Wear skinny jeans that will still allow comfortable movement and some gap for air. In addition, you’ll appear to have more muscular legs and a better overall look.

Own a Variety of Clothes

We all have our own styles and preferences. Switch it up a little and try on some new designs. There are new trends out there that you may not have yet discovered. Have you heard of dress shirts? If you haven’t, then now is the best time to familiarize yourself. Check out Nimble Made’s favorites and pick out your own style.

Don’t worry about going out and shopping. Welcome to the modern age of online stores! Everything is just a click away, like they say. Have a look around, there are hundreds of choices out there that you can incorporate in your wardrobe.

Avoid Vertical Stripes

Stripes are very powerful fashion tools but dangerous as well. Use them wisely. Wear the right stripes and earn your desired look. If you are slender, avoid vertical stripes with all your might, otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a human tree.

Vertical stripes will make you look taller and thinner as well. On the other hand, horizontal stripes will make you look wider. And you’ve guessed right. Horizontal stripes are what you need.

Be Brave and Fashionable

Fashion sense alone is not enough. Be bold and brave. Don’t be afraid to try new things or ride with new trends. Express yourself through what you wear. And so, own what you wear — be creative and feel the freedom that you are entitled to.

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