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25 Beautiful Quotes About Crush

Feelings are the most precious gift of nature to mankind and they are source of bringing desire in human minds. Some of these desires are fulfilled while some are not. Crush feelings are also a desire of a person. In these feelings a person wants to be with whom he/she inspired most. These feelings may be romantic or may not have romantic element in it. But when these feelings arise in humans nature he becomes nervous and remains in these feelings until he knows the person upon whom he has crushed feelings in his mind. There are many ways to find about your crush for someone but the simplest way to find it is when you meet a person whom you liked most then different feelings appears in behavior of a person.

That behavior change is due to the sum of nervous and excited feelings .These feelings can be categorized in many types but three crushes almost everyone has in their life i.e. friendly crush, admiration crush and romantic crush. Alexa Vega says about crush feelings as

“You can’t crush ideas by suppressing them. You can only crush them by ignoring them.”

25 Beautiful Quotes About Crush

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