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25 Best Quotes About Happiness

Happiness is a positive state of a person’mind that reflects some feelings of joy and Happy moments. A person can be happy in several meanings. For example,a person might be happy on  fulfillment of a desire or in getting rewards. Like first bonus amount received by a person from it’s company. These little and small moments of happiness are priceless. One cannot understand the value of these moments. It is said that a man was traveling with his son in a train and the Son was so happy and telling his father every scene passes through window. Like look Dad trees are going behind. A couple was seeing all of it, and after some time man told to the father that you should go to a doctor so that he can check your son. The father replied, “We are coming from the hospital and my son just got his eye sight back after 20 years. He was born blind.” No one can understand the happiness like the person who has a reason to be happy. Happiness is a treasure that can be found in hard work and luck. And it can be felt by poor people. They find their happiness in small things. The same reason Rich people can’t find happiness. Because happiness can not be purchased by money.

Happiness is all of the good that someone experiences combined into one emotion. This emotion can bring out the best in people. Our one main standard of living is being able to be happy. Happiness can be found in different ways. Happiness is in doing something good for other, taking care of your parents, going outside with family, dreaming of being free waking up and achieving it up! Happiness is also closing your eyes , taking a deep breath and getting tears on your eyes because you just love life. Sometimes things become hard to deal with them, people must realize that they will be able to learn from their experiences and that they will learn to take the good from them all. Happiness is not free. You have to earn it and work to it. Hard time will help people strive for happiness. Happiness may come and go like the seasons but in the end every moment that you have that is filled of happiness will be well worth the sad that you have to endure. Being loved is happiness. Happiness is a word that you cannot explain but your heart does something that which will make you smile endlessly. Being happy is love. Happiness takes control of everything else. You cannot live your life in fear of what can go wrong. You just need to go out and live your life to the fullest and know that you will be happy.

25 Best Quotes About Happiness
























quotes about happiness.

quotes about happiness