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5 Effective Ways to Attract New Customers Online

With the mind-blowing upsurge in the popularity of online shopping, the need to step out of the house to buy something has completely vanished. Everything has come online – from clothes to furniture – there is nothing which you cannot buy with a simple click! And trust me, this trend will only advance to greater heights in the coming years.

As per statistics, E-Commerce retail purchases are expected to rise from 14.1% to 22%! This is certainly the best time to bring your business online.

Plus, if you are able to attract new customers through your online store, it will directly affect the prosperity of your offline retail store as well. But the question is, how can you loop in new customers for your online business? Let’s see some tips:

1. Start with announcing a sale

It is not even a surprise – we all know a sale is one of the best and most widely used techniques to attract new customers. Especially, in the case of online shopping, the wonders of a sale are inexplicable.

In the case of online shopping, the consumer always has this mindset of investing the minimum sum of money. As they are not fully confident about the actual quality of the product, they never want to spend on premium products.  

But, when a 40% or 50% sale is declared, the tables turn, and how! The customer not only buys the product but if the product comes out to be exactly as per their expectations, they will come back with yet another need.

2. Giveaways for a go!

This terminology itself is enough to attract customers in bulk! But first, to make you acquainted – a giveaway is a sort of competition where the prospective buyers are asked to participate in order to win exciting gifts for free.

Either you can make a giveaway alert for your own products or partner with some famous brand and announce a joint giveaway. Either way, it will benefit you hugely in attracting new customers in a cost-efficient and effortless manner.

The only key point to remember? Make sure to spread the word across all platforms!

3. Blow your own trumpet – advertise as much as you can

You need to ace this technique if you want to keep attracting customers in the long-run. While most of the tips above are only a one-time lottery, advertising is a tool that ensures your store – whether offline or online – keeps getting new customers. The only catch here is that advertising for online stores is quite different from advertising for a physical store.

For advertising about your online store, it is always suggested to resort to expert marketing agency Melbourne. So, go ahead and advertise your brand as much as you can.

4. Stay active on social media

In case you are unaware – social media interactions largely affect your online business growth. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are not mere apps for recreation. They are also one of the best tools to attract customers that are loyal. However, it depends on how you use these apps to allure new visitors.

Most of these social media apps provide a separate service for your business. Other than that, social media is a great way to advertise your company to the masses. Post pictures, videos, or write blogs solely centered around your product and you will eventually find new visitors coming along.

5. Newsletters are underrated

Email marketing may have lost its essence in the times of social media marketing, but it is still providing a great scope for looping in new customers. Sending in newsletters is the classic way of making the customers aware of your new products.

Be it for letting the customer know about the ongoing discounts or the new launch that you just made, email marketing is never out of style.

Over to you…

Attracting new customers that are loyal is a necessity for any business. But in case of businesses that are conducted online, it is not just important but also a tricky task to ace. Here, we cited the 5 most effective and efficient ways of attracting new customers online. If you are looking forward to launching an online business and are not sure about how to attract customers, give this article a good read.