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The Best Email Apps That You Need to Download

Back in the day, the only form of communication that people have is through email writing. People will write what they want to say in a piece of paper, and they will send it to the recipient through the mailing centers. The disadvantage is that it will take a few days for that email to reach the recipient and a few more days for you to receive a reply. Quite an inconvenience, right?

Who would have known that it will evolve into something more convenient and faster way of sending letters? Gone are those days that we need to do that manually, and snail-mail is people’s way of communication. With today’s technology, we can do not just quick calls but also instant messaging too. The best thing is that you can do it not only on a computer, you can also do it through your mobile device, anytime.

Using your mobile device for doing emails can be a little tricky, though. Having a lot of email accounts and email app can sometimes turn tedious and confusing. With that, check out more about the best email app to help you utilize your emailing needs.


Some people don’t trust Googe even if they know that it is using their data. Some use Gmail for alternatives and different experiences.

Among the list, Spike gives an email messaging experience that is unique, like no apps can provide. The cool thing about this app is that its interface is like a chat style. Spike offers chat bubbles for you to have a messaging thread instantly, and the feature itself gives an edge being one of the best email apps.

It allows you to send your location, voice notes, emojis, drawings, and even GIFs without a sweat. Spike will also mark the messages to “read” just like an instant messaging app. It gives you conventional and organized messages through threads, and this app can utilize team conversations by groups and contact.

Google Mail

Google also provides an app to cater to the needs of Gmail users, along with the email engine. Other people might even tell you that it is the best free emailing app in the app market. Though people have different opinions, it’s still one of the best email apps.

You probably might already have an idea of what is Gmail. Its features include tagging, starring, notifications, and many more. Organizing your emails is easy on Gmail. Google will also automatically sort out your emails and filter them to promotional emails, spam, and social. You can also categorize your emails if you set it up to place emails under particular tags based on who is the sender.

It’s handy if you want to auto-organize all your emails. There are also other features like undoing send, quick action gestures, and in-mail searches. Being a product from Google, it works well with different Google services such as Google Calendar to make it productive.


Free services sometimes have a different kind of setbacks than we are used to. Even if they are free, even those best email applications will have a hidden price tag on it. We unconsciously provide our data so that other companies can make the advertisements shown to us. If you are tired of the concerns about data privacy, you might want to consider ProtonMail.

ProtonMail’s primary edge is security. It contains end-to-end encryption, and the developers themselves can’t decrypt and read your emails.

And no need to worry because even the third-party apps can’t access your data via ProtonMail. Also, your personal information is not needed in making an account, which only shows that their priority is your privacy.


Email apps are helpful in our daily lives, especially if you have a business, work, and even students can use it. Also, though we have messaging apps, email is still the most formal way to send someone a message or letter.