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Biocidin Pros and Cons

If you are on the fence as to whether or not Biocidin, or even natural medicine, is right for you, take a look at the pros and cons of introducing this very popular, natural botanical blend into your self-care routine. 

Pros of Biocidin

Let’s start with the perks. Biocidin is a gentle botanical blend capable of restoring microbial imbalance through the use of antimicrobial and antibacterial agents that eradicate infections. All of the proprietary ingredients are organic and tested, to ensure that consumers are getting the most out of the product. Biocidin is physician recommended and has been tested to reduce the intensity of SIBO infections over a period of eight weeks in several different studies. Biocidin has the power to kill off extremely harmful gut infections, skin infections, and colds using completely natural compounds to heal the body naturally. Additional benefits are that unlike antibiotics and fiber supplements, Biocidin is not something that the body gets used to, suggesting that it will work as a long-term solution. Biocidin does not need to be refrigerated, and some research suggests that the probiotics and botanical blends that do not require refrigeration offer more benefits than those that do require refrigeration. If you are taking Biocidin with antibiotics, it might help to prevent the digestive challenges that often accompany introducing a new probiotic supplement into your diet. Visit Simply Nutrient for more information about products.

Cons of Biocidin

Now, let’s look at the downsides. The cons of Biocidin are that, like most natural supplements, they take much longer to start working effectively. It takes a few weeks for the body to adjust before improved digestion, improved elimination, and many other positive benefits like better skin and sleep begin to surface. There may also be an adjustment period where digestive upsets actually worsen, but this will resolve once the body adjusts to regular usage. If you need relief immediately, Biocidin may not be the best choice, at least in the interim. Many patients need a few rounds of traditional antibiotics before starting to incorporate Biocidin as part of their wellness regimen. Depending on your needs, choosing the natural path may not be what you need at the moment. Like many natural supplements, Biocidin is not the most affordable supplement on the market, but that of course has to do with the high quality of the product. 

What Is Right For You?

Choosing Biocidin comes down to experiences you have had, personally, with natural and western medicine. If traditional protocols for digestive distress have failed you, it may be time to incorporate an alternative approach that utilizes natural compounds to get results. If western medicine has proven to be more effective than natural methods, stick to what works for you. At the end of the day, every person has different needs when it comes to their personal health. It’s important to always choose the protocols and methods that work best for you, individually, and remember that what works well for one person may not work well for another.