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Top 3 CBD Capsules for Sale (Based on Test Results)

CBD capsules are an excellent alternative to traditional CBD oil tinctures, helping to save you time while also being super discreet. CBD capsules have become a go-to form of CBD for many people, offering a quick, careful, and incredibly simple solution.

Consuming even just a small dose of CBD on a daily basis is thought to give your body a positive health boost, acting as a general wellness supplement. In order to make the most of all that CBD has to offer, it needs to be consumed regularly and consistently. This is where CBD capsules and CBD pills come in, they are easy to work into even the busiest of days, and they provide a consistent and precise dosage.

Not all CBD capsules are the same; among the growing range of options, you will find different concentrations, different pill types, and products that vary drastically in quality and effectiveness.

So, where can you find the best CBD capsules that shine above the rest when testing results? Let’s take a look.

#1. Best All-Natural Capsules – Provacan

Provacan uses an entirely natural formula to create their CBD capsules, ensuring that you are providing your body with the tools that it needs to stay fit and healthy.

There are three strength options available when shopping with Provacan, all of which have been made using vibrant, full-spectrum CBD. Having three different concentrations to choose from gives you a level of freedom that can typically only be found with CBD oil tinctures.

For a general daily supplement, Provacan’s 180mg CBD capsules offer the perfect solution, packing a gentle but effective amount of CBD. Provacan also has a 720mg pack of CBD capsules for a slightly more potent dose that provides long-lasting effects.

To ensure that everyone can find the perfect capsules to suit their needs, Provacan has a powerful 2880mg CBD capsule option that packs a noticeable punch.

In order to keep the capsules as natural as possible, Provacan only uses three ingredients to create each capsule. A blend of organic coconut oil and cannabis sativa (L) extract come together to form the base of the capsules. Pullulan capsule is then used for the casing, resulting in a tablet that is easy to swallow while still secure and dependable.

Provacan’s CBD capsules are some of the most natural and dependable capsules on the market, providing you with a rich blend of terpenes and cannabinoids.

#2. Best for Targeted Effects – PureKana

PureKana has taken a slightly different approach to CBD capsules. Rather than offering a range of concentrations, its capsules offer different effects designed to help you transition through the day.

When shopping with PureKana, there are three different capsules to choose from: A general CBD capsule, a PM option with added melatonin, and an AM offering with caffeine. The three options work seamlessly together, ensuring that your body has the healthy cannabinoids that it needs while also helping you transition from energetic mornings to relaxing evenings.

PureKana’s general 25mg CBD capsules work ideally on their own as a dietary supplement or alongside the AM and PM options, boosting your cannabinoid intake during the middle of the day.

All of the ingredients used to make PureKana’s capsules are certified organic and have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure high quality and potency. PureKana uses a base formula that consists of just five ingredients, including MCT oil derived from coconuts and rich hemp extract.

The added melatonin and caffeine that can be found in the AM and PM capsules work to enhance the CBD effects while also allowing you to start your day with a burst of energy and end the day feeling calm and relaxed.

#3. Best Oil Liquid Capsules – Charlotte’s Web

Oil liquid capsules offer a CBD oil experience in convenient capsule form so that you can soak up all the benefits of CBD oils without any of the hassle. Charlotte’s Web CBD capsules stay as accurate to oil tinctures as possible and are made from almost identical ingredients.

At Charlotte’s Web, a blend of organic extra virgin olive oil and the full-spectrum whole-plant extract is used – the same formula used in the tinctures. Each capsule is rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids, fueling your body and providing powerful effects.

Two different pill options are available, allowing you to choose between 15mg and 25mg CBD capsules. Both capsule concentrations are made using the same oil liquid recipe meaning that it is easy to transition between the two different strengths.

The Overall Winner

All three of the CBD capsule options discussed provide a high-quality experience with reliable effects that you can depend on, but which one offers the best overall CBD experience?

Provacan excels in concentration options giving you a higher level of control over your cannabinoid levels. If you enjoy the reliability that comes with traditional oil tinctures, you cannot go wrong with Provacan CBD capsules.

PureKana’s interesting twist with added melatonin and caffeine make these capsules stand out and are worth considering if you often find yourself starting and finishing your day with CBD.

Charlotte’s Web provides a pure capsule that closely resembles oil tinctures, making them an excellent option for those who prefer tinctures, but who need something a little more convenient.