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Unicorn Gifts and Presents – Hot Unicorn Presents 2019

A great collection of unicorn gifts can add a bit of chants to people’s usual day. They are just so cute that you cannot go wrong!

Unicorn gifts are a great thing to bring joy to people’s faces. And they are just so adorable that you cannot go wrong with a cute unicorn gift. If you are planning on purchasing a unicorn gift for a friend or a kid or maybe even for yourself, then you are at the right place. We are here to share 8 of the hottest unicorn presents of 2019.

10 Hottest Unicorn Gifts and Presents in 2019:

1. Battery-Operated LED Unicorn Light: – A battery-operated LED light that represents a unicorn is just a perfect gift to tuck away in a corner of your bedroom or the front or center of a desk. The light is battery-operated so gifting someone would remind them of you every time the power goes out.

2. Unicorn-themed Humidifier: – There are humidifiers available that can be a perfect thing to add to a unicorn lover’s bedroom. The magical thing about it is that it promotes healthier breathing and improves quality of sleep.

3. Unicorn Pillow Covers: – Unicorn pillows covers are damn cute and they will decorate your bedroom so nicely that you cannot go wrong with them. They are bright and colorful which will always cheer you up and you can totally chill out sleeping on them.

4. Unicorn farts: – Yes you read that right. Unicorn farts, they are also called Unicorn Cotton Candies. They can be a great gift for anyone who loves unicorns. They usually go for 10 bucks in the market and will surely lighten up any kid’s mood. The best thing about them is that they are gluten-free which means it’s safe to consume.

5. Unicorn Temporary Tattoos: – Unicorn Tattoos can be a great way to add some magic to your hands and legs. Unicorn tattoos can act like your most enchanting friend. There are many different Tattoos available online, surely you will find one that suits you.

6. Women’s Rainbow blast Knee High Socks: – A unicorn lover would love to show their love for unicorns by pulling up a bold pair of unicorn socks. You can find some great pairs of unicorn socks online, they are not just for kids. There are many sizes available that you can choose from. They are not much expensive either.

7. Unicorn Cup/Mug– A perfect way to start your day would be to have a cup of tea or coffee on a unicorn cup. These cups even come with a color changing feature which makes them look even cooler.

8. Unicorn Headphones – These can be a perfect gift for kids. There are many different options available depending on the age of the child. You can even find some great wireless ones that are waterproof. They can even be connected using a cable for audio sharing. Kids would love a gift like this.

9. Cozy Unicorn Slippers: – Cozy unicorn slippers can be a great gift for unicorn lovers during winter. They look fluffy, extra cozy and come in different sizes.

10. Unicorn Piggy bank: – Unicorn Piggy banks are damn pretty and will look fantastic in the shelf. Gifting someone a unicorn piggy bank will remind them of you every time they put a buck on it.


So, there you go a list of 10 Hottest Unicorn Gifts and Presents in 2019 that we could find over the internet. Go through this list and you will surely find a perfect present to suit your purpose. Good luck!