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Top 5 POS Features Your Business Needs

One of the most important aspects of all businesses is to ensure that sales are occurring smoothly and efficiently. A point of sale is the norm at this point for accomplishing that for any business that relies on sales to flourish. However, there are certain features you want your POS system to include.

All businesses should aim to have these essential features to ensure their business operations function effectively.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the key features of any POS system. With it, you can more easily keep track of your inventory in real time. Keep quick check of your in-house supply and determine when and how much you need to replenish your stock. Inventory management system software features in your POS also allow you to see which products are the most popular among your customers so you can know that you need more of that particular item. The feature can also help you to see when a particular product is about to go out of stock. In all, inventory management in your POS system allows you to save precious money and time. You can also avoid mistakes when ordering your stock from a supplier.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is another feature you want in your POS system. Generally speaking, the best POS systems work with a variety of credit card processors so you can switch from one to another. This method of paying for goods also offers secure payment solutions for your customers. You can also have a POS system that is simply compatible with your business in-house processing service.

Employee Management

While inventory management is certainly important when it comes to your POS system, so is employee management. It allows you to stay on top of the productivity of your employees to see who is doing what and much more. Your POS system can track things such as the amount of time each employee works, their specific role within your company and even whether any particular employee gains access to certain areas of the business. Overall, this feature in your POS can ensure better operations.


Mobility is an important part of any business’ POS system. In particular, if your business is in the retail industry, you will want to have this feature as it allows you to assist your customers from anywhere at any time. You can approach them on your sales floor and ring them up from a mobile device instead of making them wait on a line that can potentially be long. For example, this is a system that works extremely well for Apple. All around, it gives the customer a far more personal experience, which can keep them loyal. Customers also get secure payment solutions when paying through your mobile POS system, which gives them great peace of mind and is an overall faster option.


Reporting is another essential feature that any business’ POS system should have at their disposal. The simple truth is that numbers don’t lie, which means when you get reporting within your POS, you get a better insight into how each department in your business is functioning, how many new customers you have gained and much more. Reporting features in your POS system can show you a number of analytics of your business in real time at any location that has Internet access.

Above all else, your business needs a good POS system. These are the five most essential features you should ensure your POS system includes.