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Ten Bathroom Remodeling Tips For A Modern Look

In comparison to other sections of a home, bathrooms show signs of wear and tear pretty fast due to frequent usage and daily exposure to moisture and steam. So, frequent maintenance and repairs are critical to maintaining your bathrooms in good condition. Whether you are a new homeowner or wish to enjoy a more comfortable living space, it is a good idea to design a modern-looking bathroom.

Modern-style bathrooms, as opposed to conventional and elaborate designs, have a minimalistic approach with straight, clean lines, clear counter areas, and basic, symmetrical designs. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a modern space in San Antonio, we have got you covered with the following tips.

  1. Water-Efficient Fittings and Smart Devices

San Antonio has one of the fastest-growing populations in the country, yet in recent years, the city has effectively cut down on its water usage by more than 42%. As the drought in Texas worsens, and water restrictions continue across the state, it is a smart move to switch to water-efficient bathroom fixtures to conserve water. Water-saving toilets, shower heads, and faucets come in elegant and sculpted designs that not only help reduce your daily water usage but also elevate your bathroom experience.

Upgrading your bathroom with smart and efficient fixtures provides full control and customization. Connected to devices like smartphones and voice control, these fixtures include programmable thermostats and automated water-filling features for your bathtub. Smart bathrooms offer convenience, safety, and utility cost savings. 

If you are thinking about making these upgrades, don’t forget to reach out to local experts for bathroom remodeling in San Antonio. Professionals can help you save time and money with their pre-planned designs, blueprints, and knowledge of building and construction codes to install these water-efficient and smart fixtures for a successful bathroom upgrade.

  1. Maximize Natural Light

Thanks to the subtropical climate, San Antonia receives 220 days of sunshine on average. Considering the city’s active, eco-friendly initiatives and measures, it is wise to utilize natural light when designing bathrooms. Building large windows and skylights reduces reliance on electric lighting. The infusion of natural light not only complements the clean lines and minimalistic features of a modern bathroom but also helps achieve a sense of spaciousness by connecting with the outdoors.

  1. Optimize Space with Smart Storage

For a modern and well-organized bathroom, integrate smart storage solutions with a wall-mounted vanity and sink. Opt for floating cabinets attached to the wall or shelves for ample storage, keeping the floor space free and allowing for creative tile and flooring displays. Choose vanities with drawers and neat compartments, along with mirrored cabinets that provide storage and reflect light for a spacious feel. 

  1. Neutral Color Palette

To create a contemporary and inviting bathroom, choose a neutral color palette. Focus on whites, grays, and pastel colors to serve as a complementary backdrop for various design elements and accessories. Add depth with contrasting textures and finishes for a timeless look.

  1. Innovative Lighting

Give your bathroom a modern makeover with cool lighting ideas. Use LED lights in smart ways to illuminate key areas, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Consider installing pendant lights for a stylish focal point or opting for backlit mirrors that not only provide practical illumination but also serve as statement pieces. 

Smart lighting systems can add convenience and energy efficiency, allowing you to customize the lighting ambiance according to your preferences. 

  1. Sophisticated Touches

Make your modern bathroom look fancy by adding some stylish touches. Use nice materials like marble or granite for countertops and accents to give it a luxurious feel. Choose sleek and modern fixtures in cool finishes like brushed nickel or matte black to complement the theme. Use soft towels and chic accessories in neutral colors to add a touch of luxury. Hang some simple yet classy artwork or mirrors on walls to make a statement.

  1. Free-standing Bathtub 

Make your bathroom look modern and fancy by adding a free-standing bathtub. Unlike traditional built-in tubs, freestanding models exude a contemporary charm with their clean lines and standalone presence. They make the bathroom feel more open and also allow for creative placement within the space. Choose a sleek and simple design to complement the minimalist look of a modern bathroom, and consider materials like acrylic or stone for a sophisticated touch.

  1. Install a Glass Sliding Door

Adding a glass sliding door to your bathroom shower is a great way to make your space feel more modern and attractive. The glass’s sleek and minimalistic appearance helps add a classy touch. This feature creates visual consistency, merging the shower area with the rest of the bathroom and contributing to a well-designed space. The glass door, which embraces natural light, allows sunshine to brighten the shower room and is easy to maintain.

  1. Tile Trends

Selecting tiles is crucial in creating a modern bathroom. Classic choices like porcelain and ceramic complement trends such as large-format and subway tiles. Embracing newer and bolder styles, like geometric and 3D tiles such as hexagons and art deco, helps in achieving a balanced aesthetic.

Additionally, the introduction of metallic-finish tiles adds a touch of luxury. Natural-textured tiles, black-and-white contrasts, and wood-look options are timeless choices that contribute to modern designs.

  1.  Natural Elements

Enhance the modern features of your bathroom with nature-inspired elements like stone, wood, or bamboo for flooring and countertops. Bring the outdoors inside with low-maintenance plants such as snake plants, or by adding a small indoor fountain or water feature. Choose a color palette inspired by nature with earthy hues like greens, browns, and blues for a calming effect. 


Designing and upgrading a bathroom is essential for both style and functionality. Modern bathrooms with clean lines, efficient water fixtures, and smart devices offer simplicity, ease of maintenance, and environmental consciousness. Utilizing natural light, optimizing storage, and incorporating trendy and nature-inspired design elements help complete the contemporary look. 

With the tips provided above and the professional services of a reputable bathroom remodeling company, you can create a stylish, efficient, and functional bathroom in San Antonio.