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Secret Maldives Underwater Island – A Fun Vacation for Active and Family People

The beautiful thing about nature is that it can bring up the most brilliant ideas in the mind of a keen observer. If not, why would anyone look at the open sea and decide that it would be a great idea to build a vacation spot in it? Yes! A villa exists underwater, and it’s not the Krusty Krab from the SpongeBob cartoon.

Many people go to the Maldives each year to enjoy the sights and the ambiance. Some specifically go to mingle with the beautiful ladies who gather to vacation in the Maldives every year, especially the Vietnamese women. But in a feat of sheer ingenuity, Mr. Saleem of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort (which already boasts the first undersea restaurant in the area) upped the ante and created an underwater residence called The Muraka.

The Muraka is one of the most beautiful structures you will ever see, and for $50,000 a night, you could sleep with the fishes — literally. So if you are interested in this destination that looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, here are other things you need to know about The Muraka underwater villa:

The villa’s lower suite is submerged 

Half of the Muraka is under water, but do you know how deep underwater that half lies? Imagine a residence that sits more than 16 feet below sea level. The image you have just created should give you an idea of this magnificent structure, that is until you see actual photos of the villa and feel your jaw drop in awe.

This depth affords visitors the rare experience of observing marine life up close. The Muraka’s lower suite is so deep that you can see fishes swim by, watch crustaceans run from predators, and even catch a glimpse of a sea turtle or two. So if you can afford it, you should spend a night there, as the sights and sounds will leave you with indelible memories.

Mr. Saleem didn’t build the Muraka in the Maldives

If you have a curious mind, you will wonder how the engineers built a villa underwater. If so, allow us to burst your bubble (pun intended); The Muraka’s lower suite was constructed on land in Singapore, then transported onboard a unique ship on the Indian Ocean. Upon arriving in the Maldives, the construction team carefully submerged the villa near a reef to avoid damage to its structural integrity. They also held the Villa undersea using heavy concrete piles to withstand bad weather and underwater waves.

The Muraka is famous for its exclusivity

As you can already tell, The Muraka is the crown jewel of the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort, so it is pretty exclusive. As if going underwater and away from people is not private enough, the Villa can only host nine guests at a time. This limited number of guests makes the villa a haven for small families seeking uninterrupted relaxation. Still, you may try many times before successfully reserving a spot in The Muraka because, even at $50,000 a night, getting a reservation is competitive. 

Steel, concrete, and the world’s best engineering designs will protect you and your family

For a building to stay underwater for three years and counting, you have to give props to its architects and the quality of work they put into constructing it. This villa’s construction materials are strong, yet they don’t impact the coral ecosystem negatively, thanks to in-house Marine Biologists that regularly keep an eye on things. So if you were worried that the walls would cave at any point, you could rest easy because several safety measures prevent that from happening.

The upper level of the villa is also exotic

While everyone hails the curved ceilings and 180-degree view of The Muraka’s submerged residence, they often fail to acknowledge the upper level’s fantastic design. The villa’s top deck is spacious and just as exotic as the underwater level. So if you or your kids get tired of being underwater, you can come up for some sea breeze.

This section is ideal for playing with your family, telling stories, and having fun while the wind caresses your face. It also comes with an infinity pool, private jetties, and glass walls that give you a panoramic view of the Indian Sea. This part of the Muraka will let you experience living on a private island, which is a beautiful feeling.


The Muraka villa has so many pieces working in its favor that spending a night in it will evoke unique, unforgettable feelings in you. Three years after construction, The Muraka is still the pinnacle of luxury, tranquility and fun in the Maldives. And though $50,000 is a hefty price, the once-in-a-lifetime experience you are bound to get while staying at The Muraka underwater hotel villa is too good to pass on.

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