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Are Modern Fans the Kiss of Death for Interior Design?

In this post, we’re going to explain one of the most complicated things that are often considered bad mojo for interior designers – That is the ceiling fan. Most designers consider ceiling fans to be noisy or even old, so when you get a home renovation project, a lot of people will throw out the old ones. However, modern fans are a lot different, and there are some excellent features that newer ceiling fans can offer, like the ability to be silent, as well as sleek and stylish.

How to Pick the Right Ceiling Fan

When you’re doing a home renovation project, you need to know whether you want a flush mount (mounted directly) or a down rod (hangs from the ceiling) type of fan. Picking the right one greatly matters when it comes to your design. If you have a higher ceiling, you more than likely want to choose the down rod, so your ceiling fan can look nice and hang down appropriately, whereas low ceilings look better with lower ceilings.

Once you figure that out, you need to pick your fan. Choose the blade type, and make sure that your fan is no more than about a fourth of the size of the room (if not less). You’ll want to choose then what type of blade you’re wanting and these will all help you choose the right one.

Picking the Right Style of Fan

If you have a rustic home or room, you want the fan to match. If you have neutral colors like black and white, you may be able to use chrome, but even a black or white fan can accent a room if it blends or clashes right. You not only want the hardware to look good, but also the fan blades themselves. Honestly, the amount of blades doesn’t always matter.

What you want to look for is a combination of circulation, look, feel, and sound. You can even get newer fans that connect to your home’s Wi-fi connection so you can control them, so these items are getting more attention in modern home renovations compared to the old-fashioned antique models.

How Much do Ceiling Fans Cost?

This is a very wide ballpark figure, but you can literally get a good fan for about a hundred dollars up to a few hundred at the most. If you’re looking for top of the line, then you can spend anywhere from five hundred dollars or more. However, you have to keep in mind that it’s not the price of the fan that matters, it’s what you do with it and how it looks.


Interior design isn’t an easy field. We often don’t understand just how much work goes into someone adjusting our home to make it to what we’ll like. Now more than ever, even ceiling fans are making a comeback with their innovative technology creations that are starting to make airwaves in the industry as an extra accessory for your home that has more than just the ability to look nice.