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6 Hacks To Rake The Leaves For A Spotless Lawn

The colorful fall foliage looks amazing until your lawn gets covered in a thick blanket of leaves, and you have to rake it up. Though it seems no harm in letting nature take its course, too much organic matter can hinder the growth. It may kill the grass; promote mold, fungus, or other diseases.

As you try to rake up all the fallen leaves, it feels like a battle against nature. However, it is a dreaded chore you can’t escape if you want a spotless lawn. Take a few minutes to read out the six hacks for leaf removal, and save yourself from unnecessary yard work. If you want to make this task easy for you then you can look for the husqvarna lawn sweeper.

Pick The Right Rake

The first hack for dealing with the fallen leaves like a pro is to use the right tools. If you own the same rusty rake for years, it’s time to upgrade it. Browse the nearby hardware store to find the latest models that offer easy-grip handles, pivoting heads, shaper tines, and other design tweaks. These features will save you from the sore back, blistered hands, and allow you to nab every single leaf on the first sweep itself.

Avoid Raking When The Leaves Are Wet

There’s no point raking the leaves every time you see a bit of pile on the ground. Wait for a crisp, clear autumn week even if the leaf layer is getting thicker day by day. Also, don’t rake the leaves after the rainstorm, as they’ll turn slimy and clump together. Wet leaves will be much heavier to bag than the fallen, dry foliage.

Rake With The Wind

Tackling the leafy lawn on a windy day seems like a foolish idea. However, you can use the wind to your advantage. Find out which way the wind is blowing in your backyard, and rake the leaves with the wind. This way, you’ll be able to finish raking and collecting the leaves much sooner. You can rake onto a trap after you get the bulk of them in a pile, and transport it where you need it. Whatever the season is, you can order leaf removal service Minneapolis with the professionals.

Mulch The Leaves For Compost

If you grind the organic matter into several small bits, it reduces the size of cleanup loads, leaving a great compost material behind. However, if you struggle with vacuuming the shredded leaves, let them sit and feed the soil. You can buy a lawnmower or install a serrated blade in any old mower. Whatever way you choose, hold off on mulching until a dry day so that the leaves are crisp and easy to mince.

If you are looking for lawn cleanup near me at Minneapolis, install the lawn maintenance app and order the services anytime. From lawn mowing to snow removal and leaf cleanup, it offers professional services for all types of lawn care needs.

Stomp On The Leaf Piles

You might have enjoyed stomping on the leaf piles when you were a kid. But, do you know this activity pays off? If you’ve just raked a pile of leaves, stomp on it before you leave, finish picking the leaves and leave for some other work. It will prevent the wind from blowing the leaves away until you get back to finishing the job.

Use A Rake To Relieve Your Arms And Back

Don’t drag the leaves across the whole lawn, or pile them together in one huge mound before bagging. Instead, lay a medium-sized canvas trap across the grass, raking the fallen leaves onto its surface. If the lawn is big enough, repeat the same step until it is clear of foliage.

To Sum Up

Cleaning the leaves is a small price for the beautiful Mother Nature’s displays during the fall. If you have the right tools, and know the right tips, leaf removal is no longer a tedious task. Use the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be able to get the job done easier.