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What Color Ties Should Every Man Own?

According to the Stylish Alpha, you can’t be a stylish gentleman and not have the necktie as part of your wardrobe. That just isn’t possible.

When tied in a classic look, this menswear centerpiece tells people you know what you’re doing. You’ll be branded as a member of some exclusive club not everyone gets invited to. Now, what guy wouldn’t want to feel that way?

Today, we’ll look at three ties every man should own, and another three men can’t do without. Getting this right is crucial to building your unique sense of style, so pay attention lads!

Three Ties That Make the Man

Three ties make an elegant and professional man: navy tie, solid-colored tie, and graphic tie. Let’s start our discussion with the number one must-have.

Navy Tie

In a deep blue color, a navy tie can work wonders on many types of looks. You can work it like a boss in a crisp black suit and impress the ladies and fellas with it in a gray one. There’s quite literally no suit you can’t pull off with this necktie.

The navy tie holds a special distinctive quality in that it allows other colors to shine along with it. Even so, it remains the focal point of the ensemble. Not only does the navy tie have the edge in this department over other ties, but it also ties all other elements of the fashion piece together.

Colored Tie

Another must-have is the colored tie, though you want to choose a solid color and choose it wisely. The trick is to look at what you have to work with: skin tone, eye color, personality, and more.

If you have pinkish skin, scarlets and crimsons are going to make that pop. Likewise, if your skin has olive overtones, darker green shades, chocolates, or purples are going to bring that out. Also, these colors won’t just be complementing your skin ordinarily; they’re going to enhance it and make it look beautiful.

Graphic Tie

Another tie you can’t do without is the graphic tie. Once in a while, we feel like expressing ourselves to the fullest. We need something that allows us to do that. One of those “somethings” happens to be the graphic tie.

Graphic designs are already expressive in themselves, but they just take the “fashion” to a whole other level when aligned with the wearer’s personality.

That said, your tie of choice should almost always go with your suit color. Sure, you can get away with mixing things up now and then, but that could be a little risky. You don’t want to end up overdoing something that’s already prone to being overdone. Stepping over that line could spell disaster.

Basically, the elements of your wardrobe can be messy individually, but when put together, they must work seamlessly. What about all those designs that are neither here nor there? Well, you’ll know if they work after looking in the mirror. Try different things out and wait until you come up with something magical.

Not Must-Haves but Good Additions

While not as essential as the top three ties for men, you might find yourself invited to events where the following could be useful:

Silk-Knitted Tie

A silk-knitted tie in simple black or navy can indeed make you look like a dashing gentleman. Knitted ties might have only recently resurfaced in the fashion scene, but they’ve been around for several decades.

These neckties tread the line between casual and formal. If you’re looking for a tie with a casual elegance that doesn’t quite meet formal standards, it could be time to pick one out. Though, keep in mind that this tie might almost always limit your look to the classic-casual and never beyond.

Skinny Tie

As far as hip and trendy ties go, nothing beats the skinny tie. However, this tie has a natural ageist quality you want to pay attention to. When worn by someone full of youth and personality, they can look fantastic. Wearing them to a job interview as a thirty-year-old applicant is the absolute last thing you want to do, though.

Ties To Stay Away From

Fashion should stand out, but it should rarely overpower. Sadly, these ties can potentially wash out your entire outfit, so it’s best to steer clear of them.

  • Overly patterned ties
  • Ties with a lot of color
  • Ties with too much going on; color- and pattern-wise

Ties Help Make the Man

When chosen correctly, ties can tie your outfit together seamlessly. Not quite happy with your ensemble and feel like it’s missing something? Try bringing in a tie to help decide matters. That’s how powerful ties are when you select them properly.

Though, you have to keep in mind that some ties just jive better with outfits than others. When you know your desired style, it should be easy to pick out ties that work well with your looks.