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Men’s Fashion Trends in 2021

Everybody is going back out, heading to town, and doing it in style. That is why the trends of 2021 in men’s fashion might be the most important ones to come along in years. Everyone wants to show how hip and connected they are. Here is what you should look for, if you want to be part of the in-crowd this year.

Luxury: Mink Fur Vest

If you want to be seen as someone who has taste and a great lifestyle, then showing a little luxury in the way you dress will go a long way. In 2021, the hot luxury item will be a real fur coat for men, especially if it is a mink fur vest. You can wear it on chillier evenings or throughout the spring and fall seasons. Make it stand out by wearing its dark colour in contrast to white shirts and pants or even pastel colours, which are so popular at the moment.

Cool and sexy: Jewels for Men

Men who dress well, usually know that the clothes have to fit their personality. This year, this part is even more important for the boys, as they will have to find a way to wear jewels, while keeping their aura in line. It means that conservative men should not suddenly put on large necklaces on their chest. However, those who are not afraid of showing a little feminine side, because their masculinity is never in doubt, should not hesitate to go bold in 2021. Open that shirt and feature those gym pecs, by adding something that will catch women’s eyes.

Leather is in again

Whatever you can find in leather will be welcomed in your wardrobe this year. A cool crocodile leather jacket from Fur Caravan will do the trick nicely. But if you want to be more subtle, then you should look for leather bracelets, in all colours, from the more conservative black and brown ones, to the more expressive white and red selections. Nice high leather boots will also add to your in-look. Again, those with strong personalities might think of getting a pair of cowboy boots, with higher heels. Just practice walking a little, before going out drinking on the town.

Suits with Sandals?

This may end-up being a faux-pas, when the fashion industry looks back in a few years, at the summer of 2021. But for now, gentlemen, you can wear your suits while sporting a pair of sandals. If you have dreamed of doing this outrageous mix before, enjoy it while you can, as it probably won’t last forever…