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Home Heating and Cooling Tips for Maintaining a Comfortable Home

We spend a lot of time at home to bond with our family, rest, and unwind from a long day’s work. This is because it gives us joy and comfort to have the luxury of owning our own space, one which we can take care of and nurture for a lifetime. However, there is always a question of what makes a home comfortable.

A comfortable home can easily be defined as one where you have your personal space to move around and be yourself. But in practical terms, comfortable homes are also those that are well-ventilated, homes that will make you feel safe and happy. Well-ventilated homes involve having heaters that will keep you warm during winter and air conditioning systems that will keep you cool and fresh in the summer.

What is home heating?

Home heating, also known as a central heating system, is a mechanism that is used to maintain the temperature inside the building it is installed in. It is usually powered by thermal energy to do the job. A central heating system is typically installed in areas where there is a tendency for the weather to get colder during various seasons of the year or at a place where it is chilly all year round. A heating system increases your comfort by maintaining an appropriate temperature—as well as keeping all of your plumbing from freezing.

How to maintain home heating

1. Make a constant check on your heat pump

Your heat pump is the mechanism that transfers heat energy into your home. Thus, you need to constantly check whether it’s working or needs a bit of cleaning and fixing—this is very important to avoid accidents in the future. You should check your heat pump annually, but, ideally, you’re doing it more frequently, especially at times when the usage of the mechanism is high, such as in winter.

Check to see if there is are any blockages within the pump that need to be removed so that air can move freely, and clean it regularly to remove any debris that might have gotten stuck inside the pump. Aside from cleaning the pump itself, make sure the area you are placing your pump is also clean, a place without much dust and leaves, so that the pump can continue to work efficiently.

2. Clean filters and replace old ones

As mentioned earlier, there could be debris stuck inside the pump. Filters help to avoid having too much dust and particles to get inside, so you should routinely check and clean or replace your filter. Changing the filter will be beneficial for your health as this will keep you from having allergies or asthma.

3. Clean the ducts

The ducts can usually be done later as you are diligent in cleaning out your filters. However, if there is smoke in your house or if you notice mold growing somewhere inside your duct, it’s better to have it checked by a professional.

4. Perform retrofitting

Retrofitting is the act of adding new technology to your current machinery. This technology is usually one that can upgrade the system you already have. This is preferrable for those individuals who find that purchasing a newer heater costs more than just getting a few upgrades. However, there should always be a sense of practicality to properly decide how to best move forward with the decision. Sometimes, it will save you money in the long run to just get a new heating unit rather than continuously repair and retrofit your current unit. 

5. Arrange yearly professional heating repair service checks

To be sure that your equipment is at its best, book professionals that are experts in the field. Central Oregon heating and cooling repair services are always available, especially if you know who to look for. These service providers can give overall maintenance checks and repairs to keep you safe at home.

What is a home cooling system?

Better known as air conditioning, home cooling systems involve removing heat from a certain area and replacing it with cool air to provide comfort to people who are in the vicinity. Air cooling systems can be used in buildings of any kind. There are many benefits to a good cooling system. While dust and extreme cold can cause asthma, excessive heat triggers it as well. Likewise, you don’t have to feel gross and sticky in extreme heat because you will always feel comfortable with proper air flow in the room. On top of this, it is important to have functional air conditioning in a home with young children, elderly people, and pets as these entities have a much harder time self-regulating their body heat and can easily overheat. 

How to maintain an air-cooling system at home

1. Understand how it works

Of course, before making a purchase or putting it to good use, you need to study the manual that comes with your AC unit so that you know how to properly use and take care of it. It is important to know how your device works because, in case something goes wrong, you have at least a bit of knowledge about troubleshooting or making small repairs. 

While air conditioning systems can usually be controlled through a remote, the number of buttons you can possibly press might be overwhelming. Thus, learn all the secrets of the mechanism and take them to heart. This will make your device more efficient as you can set it up well because of your knowledge.

2. Make sure you got the right size for your home

There are different types of air cooling systems. There are those that are small and some can even be as big as your door. If you wish to only install it in your room, you should probably get a small AC meant for that space alone. However, if you want to centralize your air-cooling system, you can purchase larger units that are built for that job. If you’re not sure, ask an expert.

3. Keep it clean

Just like heating systems, air cooling systems are built with filters. It can get dusty pretty quick, especially if your house is barely cleaned or your walls are still made of concrete that isn’t smoothed down and painted. Make a habit of checking your filter and cleaning it out. It’s good to do this once or twice a month. Cleaning your filter reduces your chances of contracting illnesses. It also avoids the growth of molds and other possible allergens that could be harmful to your health.

4. Setup a programmable thermostat

If you still have the old kind of air-cooling system, it’s best to make a few upgrades so that you can track how it’s doing. As time passes, the air it gives out almost becomes a bit warm. This is one of the problems when your equipment becomes updated, aside from the possible reason that your filter might just be dirty. Thus, you can install a thermostat, one which you can control. 

This way, you can set the temperatures you want for different times of the day. It will allow you to save energy, expenses, and even time! If you think this is a waste of time or it’s too expensive as compared to getting a completely new one, opt to purchase a new air-cooling system to save yourself some money that can be used for other necessities.

5. Unclog the condensate drain tube

Have you noticed your AC leaking? This may be because your drain tube is clogged. It could be clogged for a number of reasons, including dust and debris that might have gotten inside. If you live with pets, it could be their hair that’s stuck inside the tube. 

Condensation from these coils can also contain a lot of bacteria—so, if you leave this issue unnoticed for quite some time, don’t be surprised if you develop colds or other illnesses. These are probably caused by the bacteria from your condensate drain tube, among other things. You can maintain your tubes by cleaning it with Pan Tablets or replacing them with a new drain tube, depending on the severity of the situation.

6. Deep clean the equipment to prepare for the warm season

It’s going to be hot and warm during the summer, and this is the peak season for the use of your air-cooling system. To be sure that your device will not struggling during heavy use, make a checklist that will allow you to prepare for the heat. This includes a maintenance check that should be done thoroughly. If you’re not an expert about handling your AC, you should find professionals who can handle it for you.


The ability to maintain comfort in your own home is very important. Likewise, if you have this skill, make sure to continuously hone it so that you can keep your family happy. You can do this by being consistent with maintenance and inspection. This dedication will not only bring comfort to your family, but it will also keep you from harm’s way.