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How To Convert Small Place In Contemporary Bathroom With Shower Glass Doors

Why people transform small bathrooms to contemporary designs

In the design of houses, architects consider the space available. They have to conduct a surveillance of the area to be constructed to have an exact idea of how they can design a house which fits comfortably. When space is not enough, professionals are sometimes forced to squeeze some facilities within a house. This process of squeezing space has, however, to be done with the consent of the homeowners.  Real estate developers are considered to be experts in the creation of houses that satisfy the needs of the modern consumer markets. The young homeowners require space that meets their needs. This could include having a home where they can engage in fun activities or the bathrooms which are comfortable to be in. However, there are also homeowners who are not privileged to have enough space within their houses. Lack of enough space could mean that some of the facilities exist within a confined space. Contemporary housing designs may include a walk-in shower enclosure or could be limited by the availability of space and remain to be a small shower room.

There is need by modern families to transform otherwise traditional small bathrooms to more contemporary designs. There is pressure by young families on interior designers to help in creating elegant and comfortable bathroom interiors. One of the most challenging things with small bathrooms as argued by many homeowners is lack of enough space to do things that should otherwise be done in the bathroom. For instance, some are forced to do their makeup elsewhere and not in the bathroom.  Either the bathroom is poorly lit, too small or the accessories within the space do not allow for multiple activities rather than showering. Small bathrooms paces can, however, be transformed to look bigger. Installation of shower enclosures may be possible depending on factors such as the available space and the other accessories that are within the bathroom.

Factors To Consider Before Transforming A Small Bathroom

Homeowners have the urge to live in luxury by transforming small shower spaces into comfortable areas where users can do some activities within the room. Homeowners, however, have to incorporate the services of interior designers in creating and designing realistic layouts of the bathrooms.  For instance, if the homeowner requires a glass shower door, they have to consider the transition from the open space in the bathroom. The following are some of the primary considerations every homeowner should have in mind before initiating any transformation of their small bathrooms.

The need to transform

Many people transform their small bathrooms from traditional the designs to the contemporary more attractive ones. However, they do not have clear reasons why they want to remodel their bathrooms. Ideally, a good reason to transform a bathroom and incorporate glass shower door would be to get enough space to do more things within the bathroom space. However, there is also a group of individuals who are not certain of the actual reasons they would want their bathroom layouts changed.

For this reason, it would be essential for homeowners to have a good reason on why they would like to change their layouts. If the reason is to get more luxury, so there should be further consideration of the transformation. It could cost more than the owners expect. The money could be used for other needs.

The costs of obtaining materials

Glass shower doors are known to be expensive to acquire. Most people fail to conduct enough research on the pricing of such materials. For small bathrooms, it would not cost a lot of money to transform it and incorporate the shower enclosures. This is because only a few materials are required for the implementation of a new design that is more contemporary.  If the available materials are expensive for the homeowners, it would be recommendable to be open to alternative similar to glass shower enclosures.

Available accessories

Accessories are important elements in the bathroom. They create a good atmosphere, and they should be complemented and not fought against. When introducing a   glass shower within a small bathrooms space, the interior designers or the homeowners should consider the interference it would have on the accessories. Any new material introduced to the space of the improved bathroom should not block the colors, the accessories or other designs that make the bathroom to appear comfortable.

The available designs

The technology available today makes it possible for homeowners and interior designers to create unique designs for bathrooms and any facilities within a house. There are therefore many premade designs for shower enclosures. Homeowners have access to a wide range of designs that are available online or may be provided by their contracted interior designers. Therefore, before deciding on the transformation of small bathrooms to be more contemporary, it is recommendable to check the available designs and analyze them in depth. The analysis could entail checking on the patterns, the shapes, and sizes of the glass shower door . However, the homeowners involved should be dynamic on selecting alternatives that are available and would be suitable fits from their new bathroom designs.

Secrets to successfully convert small bathrooms to contemporary designs with shower glass

Conducting a successful transformation of a small bathroom to match a contemporary bathroom design with a shower enclosure can be challenging is the homeowners or the interior designers are not prepared.  There are many fundamentals that the stakeholders should consider as has been discussed in the above section.  The secrets of successfully transforming small bathrooms into contemporary designs with glass shower enclosures are dependent on the factors that have been discussed above. However, with the professionalism of the interior designers among other professionals, it should be easy to install, accessories among other things that are required to entirely transform the small bathrooms paces.

Eliminate the shower doors

Glass shower enclosures in contemporary houses have been known to be accompanied by shower doors. Shower glass doors of different designs are incorporated depending on the available space. In most bathrooms that have adequate space available, the glass shower door opens just like other doors. There is a smooth transition between the open space in the bathroom and the shower enclosures.  The homeowners consider the available space before deciding on the best door style to incorporate in bathrooms that are spacious. However, in small bathrooms that have to be transformed to have a contemporary look, it is essential to leave out the shower enclosure doors. Leaving out the door enclosures would ensure that only a small space is utilized. An opening would be left to be used for entry to the shower enclosures.

Using sliding glass doors

Sliding doors have been known to consume the least space when they are being opened. They are an ideal replacement of the traditional doors that may be present in a small bathroom space. Introducing a sliding door shower enclosure may be helpful in saving space that would be otherwise used in opening the door. Sliding doors have become popular in modern home interiors due to their ease of installation and movement. The size of the sliding doors should, however, be proportional to the size of the shower enclosures that are installed in the small space. This helps in reducing the need extra space where the door can overlap. The interior designer in such should take accurate measurements to help in fitting the right size of the sliding door and shower enclosure. Common mistakes during the installation include; missing the correct measurements and ending up with sliding doors that overlap the shower enclosure.

Including the bathtubs in the shower enclosures

Bathtubs and spas have become a standard accessory within contemporary houses. In large spaces, the shower enclosures may be set up differently from the bathtubs. However, in limited spaces, there is no option of having the two parts separated. A small bathroom space that is to be transformed into a contemporary design would incorporate the two together. This means that the interior designer would include the shower enclosure surrounding the bathtub. In such a situation, the user of the shower space would be required to stand in the bathtub while having a shower.  The bathtub in this case is for individuals who would like to have more relaxation by using it as a spa. In most situations, there would be individuals who prefer not having the bathtubs. This kind of setup would provide more space to be used for the shower enclosure in the long run. If a bathtub is present within the small space, it is upon the homeowner to decide whether they still need it or not. The interior designer should, however, advise the client on the best designs to provide elegance and comfort.

Corner showers

A common practice among contemporary house owners is to utilize all the space within the bathroom to install important accessories. However, owners with confined floor spaces within the bathroom do not have the laxity of deciding on what to add. Ideally, using the corners of the bathroom has been found to be excellent for glass shower enclosures. The corner shower enclosures entail having two of the walls being glass while the other remaining two are the house walls. In such a case one side of the glass walls may be left open or may have a glass door. The choice of whether to include a door or an open space is entirely dependent on the amount of space available.

Mount the towel bar on the outside of the glass door

Bathrooms must have a towel bar that is used for hanging towels when an individual is using the shower. In spacious bathrooms, the towel bars usually are within the shower area. This is because the region used from the shower enclosure is being enough to accommodate towel bars. Also, they may also be installed on walls that are close to the shower enclosures. However, in confined spaces, it may not be possible to incorporate a towel bar away from the shower glass doors. Interior designers recommend that the bar could be attached to the doors of the enclosure. The bars could then double as handles of opening the shower enclosures as well as towel bars. An advantage of having the towel bars at the door of the shower enclosure is that they limit the movement of the users.

Install a trough sink

Trough sinks have become a trend in the21st-century contemporary houses. They are designed in a manner that they allow enough floor space where other materials can be placed. When they are carefully mounted on the wall, the foot traffic is freed, and more space is available. Compare to other types of sinks; the trough sinks are more desirable. In addition to freeing up space, shelves can be installed just below them which can then be used in storage of things that may be necessary within the bathroom setting. Due to the limitation of  space available, the interior designer should check the most appropriate position to install the sink so that it does not interfere with the flow of traffic within the bathroom setting.  Trough sinks are also long enough to allow a user to use t for different purposes. Roper installation frees up space which is used for the installation of the glass shower enclosures.

Select vanities with a single shelf

A vanity within a bathroom functions as both a sink and a storage space. Due to the limited space, it would be the most appropriate alternatives to normal sinks. The homeowners can use the sink just like normal sinks and then utilize the shelves for storing toiletries among other things essential within the bathroom. The installation of the vanity should be strategic to be easily accessed by the bathroom users. There should be minimal movement to create a conducive environment for the users in the long run.

It is always essential for the homeowners to be informed about all the available alternatives to make their bathrooms look exemplary. This includes accessories among other essential elements within the bathroom setting.