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The Best Kind of Radiators to Have in Different Rooms

Could you imagine if every room in your home looked exactly the same? Same lights. Same chairs. Same tables. Same cushions. It would look a little odd, right?

In most homes, we often overlook the fact that our radiators tend to be the same. Sure they can sit in the background and do a humble job of getting the space toasty, but have you ever considered how different a room could look if you stopped and took some time to think about what kind of radiator would look best?

Luckily for you, I’ve done just that and curated a small list of radiator types you might want to use around your home. I’m looking at the main areas throughout the home (sorry study and dining room) and what radiators work best. Visit Radiator Outlet to buy a brand new radiator.

Let’s start, like every good thing at home should, by visiting the kitchen.


The heart of the home. The room with everyone coming in & out (and slamming doors, pushing cold and warm air all over the place). Kitchens are also a room you want to maximise space, so like a spice rack nailed on to the wall, you should flip your radiators and go for a vertical towel rail.

It might sound a little odd, after all, towel rail implies a bathroom, but rails do a better job of heating air where there is a lot of movement in the room. They also take up less horizontal wall space. If you have a kitchen where everyone is squeezing in to get around the kitchen table, time to flip things around.

If you want to see how a towel rail can work in a kitchen, take a look at some of the black and anthracite heated towel rails available at Trade Radiators.

Living Room

The one room you want to feel cosy all day long, and that means having a radiator that can easily take variance in temperature. For living rooms where the radiator has to be behind the sofa, a simple double panel is the way to go. As long as you don’t have the sofa pressed against the radiator and aren’t blocking the bottom (cold air needs to come in and go up), a traditional-looking radiator does the job.

As for keeping the temperature perfect, make sure the radiator has a thermostatic valve. You can set the valve to your preferred temperature and the radiator will never get hotter than you need it to.


The loftiest space in your home. It’s always the one place you don’t spend much time in, so you’ll want a radiator that can take a few knocks from any passer-by who might lug school bags, shoes and coats around it.

Cast-iron is the way to go. You can forego white painted radiators that may get marked and have a detailed radiator that is hard working. I recommend looking for any which have four columns or more as that allows for improved air control.


If you think your kitchen is cramped for space, how about your bathroom. It’s a room where you are limited both horizontally by your sink and toilet, and vertically by cabinets and your shower.

In cases like this, a boxy traditional heated towel rail may be favourable. It looks like a mini radiator with pipes coming out the top and bottom. You can use it to hang towels without a tall rail, and they retain heat well due to their compact design.


Last but not least, bedrooms need radiators that sit under the window and don’t get in the way (can you think of anything worse than getting up in the morning and banging your leg against a thick radiator?)

I recommend looking at a single panel radiator, especially if you have a ledge on your window and want the radiator to sit in line with it. Anything with a wall projection of less than 80mm is ideal.

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