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How to Look Outstanding in Leggings

There are so many ways to wear leggings and look stunning if not outstanding. We must admit that leggings have become part of our daily clothing. In fact, it is what unites women in all world. As much as leggings are worn by so many, no all of them know how to correctly blend the leggings. Therefore, if you are a lover of leggings, you must have a few basics on how you can wear them. Below are some of the ways you can look outstanding on leggings of your own choice

1.Printed leggings

There is a way through which you can look amazing with printed leggings. Rule number one, when you wear printed leggings, always remember not to wear a printed top too. To avoid looking like a zebra or rainbow is better if you choose a plain shirt or top. You can blend it with a matte top or hue top and see how people will be looking at you.

2.Bandaged leggings

Bandaged leggings are better worn with dresses. If you have dresses that are too short and you are afraid of wearing them, there is no need of throwing them away. You can wear a bandage legging to well blend the dress. You might end up looking stunning than you thought.

3.How to wear black leggings

After you have sought professional help from tuffwomen on your size, you can purchase your black leggings as you wish. The black leggings are leggings that so many prefer wearing. Because so many prefer them, it is better to know how to stun while wearing them. Below are some of the ways to look outstanding in a black legging

  • Wear a long shirt

If your black leggings are tight, consider investing in long shirts. You can blend them with boots, especially in the winter season. You can also add a scarf. Believe me, you will be super stylish. Apart from just looking stylish, you will also be extra comfortable.

  • Add a cardigan

Cardigans are used by those people who feel uncomfortable wearing short tops on leggings. They can, however, be used by anyone else apart from those who fear short shirts on leggings.

  • Invest in leather leggings

You can as well look stunning by investing in leather leggings. The leggings spice things up and they feel more comfortable above everything else. With a leather legging, you will surely be outstanding.

  • Spice up with a colored top

As much as so many people love black, it might not be that good to be on black leggings and a black top. If you have worn a black legging, consider spicing it up with a colorful top. Alternatively, you can wear a black legging and blend with a colorful cardigan.

4.Shoes to wear with leggings

One might be having a great outfit but go wrong on the shoe selection. The shoes that you wear will also dictate if you look crazy or stunning. You can wear leggings with boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, loafers, among other types of shoes. The way you choose your shoes should depend on the way you have blended your top and your leggings.

5.The size

Obviously, we cannot forget the size. You cannot wear the wrong size of leggings and look outstanding. Always make an effort to know your size and shop according to the perfect size that can fit you correctly.

6.Choose the right fabric

The fabric is also very important. As much as you should always be outstanding, it is also good to be comfortable. So many people choose the wrong fabric for their leggings. So many people struggle all-day just because the fabric does not feel comfortable with them. Blend your leggings very well but at least make sure to stay comfortable.


Leggings are part of us and will be part of our dressing code for a very long time. This is because they are a type of clothing that is known to be comfortable for so many. Because of that, we can wear them as much as we want but we should make sure to blend them well and wear them correctly. That way, we all will be outstanding.