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9 Alternatives to Expensive Mattresses

\Everyone knows how crucial the right mattress is in ensuring good quality sleep. Unfortunately, high-end mattresses can cost you a fortune, the most expensive of which can set you back for $1.6 million. There is no need to fret because these nine alternatives to expensive mattresses can still give you a splendid time in slumberland. 

1. Air Mattresses

Easy to use and store, an air mattress is a perfect alternative to your conventional foam mattress. It has a rugged construction, making it one of the preferred beds of campers. This alternative mattress can accommodate up to 600 pounds (Queen size). You can share it with your partner, and you will still feel comfy and cool.

If you have back problems, an air mattress will support your spine. It has supportive air coils that ensure more uniform body weight distribution. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, you will feel confident that an air mattress will keep your spine aligned.

2. Day Beds

People living in small apartments or studio flats can always get a day bed that doubles as a lounger or a large sofa. It has armrests that can make the perfect furniture for going on a Netflix marathon. Since it is deeper than your conventional sofa, you can lay down on it for a good night’s rest.

Day beds are suitable for singles, especially those who want adequate back support. It is easy to move around and is ideal for those living in small spaces. Its space-saving design is its principal selling point, although it can also be an excellent option for those on a tight budget. 

3. Futon Mattresses

You have to give credit to the Japanese for their innovative spirit. Futon mattresses are a Japanese classic, consisting of two components: the base shikibuton and the duvet cover. It is almost similar to a daybed or a sofa bed, except that it does not have armrests or a backrest. 

Futons are perfect for anyone who is still saving for a traditional mattress. It offers sufficient comfort and body support while affording you exceptional space-saving. You can roll it and store in your closet and bring it out when you have visitors coming in.

4. Sleeping Bags

You may frown on a sleeping bag, but this camper and backpacker’s dependable sleeping implement can do more than give you a night of good sleep in the wilderness. The best part of alternative mattresses like this is that you have plenty of options across your budget. You can get a two-person sleeping bag to share with your loved one.

Do note that sleeping bags are suitable for those living in colder climates, keeping them at least 5 degrees warmer. If you live in humid or wet regions, a synthetic sleeping bag is perfect because it is moisture-resistant. You may need extra padding, though, to give you the comfort you need.

5. Recliners

One of our favorite contraptions in a salon is a recliner chair. It is so relaxing, cradling your body like a loving mom. The good news is that recliners can also be excellent alternatives to expensive mattresses. It is suitable for dorms, studios, and small apartments.

A recliner sofa is perfect for those who need ample spinal support. You can put it at an angle to optimize spinal alignment and relieve tension on the upper back and legs. This mattress alternative can also be an excellent way to address snoring and sleep apnea, giving you a more restful slumber.

6. Hammocks

A favorite of beach-lovers and country folks, a hammock is more than an outdoor siesta contraption. You do not even need trees to attach it on. As long as you have sturdy mounts on your walls, you can place a hammock across your bedroom. It will also not attract bed bugs and dust mites, making it a healthier mattress alternative.

A hammock’s elevated position and breathable fabrication make it ideal for hot sleepers. You have fresh air moving from all directions, including your back. It is an exceptional mattress alternative because it can improve blood flow and relieve spinal tension. 

7. Pull-out Sofa Beds

The ultimate in furniture versatility, pull-out sofa beds are suitable for small living spaces, such as studios, flats, apartments, and dorms. You get a traditional sofa’s full functionality and a conventional bed’s plush comfort and optimum body support. These beds come in different colors, designs, and styles, making it easy to pick one that complements your home’s aesthetics.

A pull-out sofa can be a piece of more affordable sleeping furniture to lessen backaches and shoulder pain than traditional mattresses. T is versatile enough to give you a more relaxing place to enjoy your favorite movies or have a great time with your friends.

8. Camping Mats

Do you need a cheaper alternative to traditional mattresses? I strongly recommend getting a camping mat. If you are familiar with children’s play mats, this is not so different. However, it is longer and thicker, allowing you to enjoy comfort and protection from the cold floor.

Traditionally, doctors recommend a firm mattress for people with low back pain because it maintains the normal spine anatomy. Camping mats can do that. If you think it is uncomfortable, you can always purchase a thicker camping mat. Adding layers of blankets can also help improve your comfort.

9. The Floor

If you do not have the budget even for a camping mat, sleeping on the floor can still be a splendid idea. It may sound counterintuitive to sleep on a hard floor. However, anecdotal evidence shows that sleeping on the floor can improve your pain symptoms and give you more energy when you wake up. It can even enhance your sex life.

You can always add a few layers of padding if the floor surface makes you uncomfortable. Adding three to four layers of blankets should give your body enough cushion for a more comfortable sleep.

Did you find something you like from our nine alternatives to expensive mattresses? While these products vary in comfort and body support, they can still give you the much-needed respite for efficient body and mind recharging. You will still feel better the following day. That is what counts the most.

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