Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Five States to Consider Retiring to

Now the children have all grown up, and you’re no longer tied to a place just because your work is there; retirement offers a fantastic opportunity to relocate to a place more suited to your senior years.

People decide upon where they will settle down in retirement for a variety of reasons, but the major factors are often based on the cost of living, the weather, how safe a place is, and the medical facilities.

Personal finance experts, Bankrate ranked the best and worst states to retire to basing the results on aspects most important to retirees.

Read on to discover the top five places that appear on the list and what makes them such a good choice for seniors.


With some of the most beautiful scenery around, affordable living, a low violent crime rate, and really friendly residents, it’s obvious why retiring to Nebraska makes good sense.

The many museums will keep you busy, along with the various festivals held there, and it has some fascinating history to find out about too.

With the low cost of healthcare thrown in for good measure, it’s got to be worth some consideration.


Iowa also boasts a low cost of living and affordable property, which is a big consideration for retirees.

You will be spoiled for choice for things to do with great entertainment venues, museums, and beautiful landscapes to keep you active.

With many low-crime, charming, small towns to choose from, you’ve got a lot of options if you’re considering settling down in Iowa.


Whether you are looking for a city or rural location, you will be able to find what you’re looking for in low-cost Missouri.

Water-based activities are in abundance for any sailing or fishing enthusiasts, along with parks, libraries, museums, and the state fair.

If you are considering assisted living St Louis has plenty of options to choose from and also boasts iconic architecture and one of the lowest living costs in the country.

South Dakota

Home to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota is a tourist hotspot and has a thriving small business scene offering that small-town feel.

Another relatively cheap place to live in, South Dakota, offers everything from hot air balloons to music festivals to farmer’s markets.

South Dakota is worth thinking about if you love outdoor activities or relaxing with good food and great coffee.


The most obvious bonus you get with a move to Florida is the weather – if you want to retire to the sun, then this is the state for you.

It also offers many types of landscapes and attractions, from Disney World for the grandkids to the Everglades for nature lovers.

If you’re looking for beach life, great food, and more oranges than you’ll ever need, Florida could be the place for you.

Of course, there are many more great states throughout the U.S. to consider, but if you’re looking for a starting point for places to consider, you could do far worse than one of these five.

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