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Top Five Tips for Buying Quality Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking forward to buying high-quality distressed kitchen cabinets, we have good news for you. There are tips you can leverage to determine distressed drawer designs that perfectly suit your interior design needs.

In this article, we have featured the top five tips for buying cabinets with distressed appearance. Read on to ensure you get value for any amount of money you spend on buying kitchen cabinets.

Where Can I Find Distressed Kitchen Cabinets for Sale?

As you embark on a pursuit of owning distressed cabinets, one of the important things you need to do is visit online shopping platforms as well as land-based furniture showrooms. These are not only notable places to find kitchen cabinets for sale but also worthwhile information about cabinets.

Occasionally, you can come across interior design websites and magazines showcasing the latest distressed kitchen cabinets for sale and places to find them. You can also take advantage of such magazines and websites to access distressed cabinets of your choice.

Tips for Buying Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

1. Look Out for Auction Sites

You probably know that banks can auction people’s property when they default on loans. For this reason, you are likely to encounter kitchen cabinets being sold at throw-away prices in auctions organized by banks or such-like organizations.

If you try exploring various auctioneering sites, you can find yourself getting access to the most eye-catching distressed cabinetry designs at the cheapest prices. Therefore, always be on the lookout for auction sites when trying to locate distressed cabinets for sale.

2. Consider Various Cabinet Properties

Generally speaking, the extent to which kitchen cabinets can be deemed as high-quality is dependent on their inherent properties, for example, material and design features. Therefore, when buying distressed kitchen cabinets, you need to consider the material, color, and other design features of the varieties that you find ideal.

3. Weigh Buying RTA vs. Fully Assembled Cabinets

Presently, homeowners have a chance to choose the format that they want cabinets to reach out to them from the point of sale. Depending on how much you are willing to pay for distressed cabinets, you can choose to go for ready-to-install or fully-assembled varieties. RTA cabinets are cheaper to acquire and easier to outfit but somehow difficult to install.

4. Explore Trending Ideas on Kitchen Cabinets

To buy the most appealing distressed kitchen cabinets, you may also try reviewing some of the latest ideas on kitchen cabinets courtesy of interior décor websites and magazines. Interior design review articles like this one can also help you identify amazing collections of distressed cabinets that you can choose from.

5. Know Your Preferences in Interior Design

Did you know that your predispositions regarding visual attractiveness can help you make an informed decision when buying kitchen cabinets? For example, based on colors and shapes that you consider appealing, you can know the color and shape of distressed cabinets to buy. Therefore, always try to remember your likes unless you don’t want to find distressed cabinets that appeal to you.

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Of course yes! The fact that they are trending in a post-modern world whereas they are classic fashion justifies their value. According to many homeowners, distressed kitchen cabinets are a good idea, thanks to the fact that they are;

  • Functional

Because of their distressed appearance, which resembles weathered wood, distressed cabinets are longer-lasting, less susceptible to scratches and can rhyme with a wide range of interior décor materials and colors. These drawers match the aesthetics of both traditional and modern-style interior designs; which is part of the reason why they are looked at as functional all over the world.

  • Unique

Thanks to their appearances, distressed cabinets stand out as unique and so, distinguishable. Because of their unique demeanor alone, cabinets with distressed outlooks have ended up garnering massive popularity as everyone who wants to make their sculleries distinctive desires them.

  • Compatible with Multiple Interior Designs

Apart from being functional and unique, distressed kitchen cabinets are a good idea since they appeal to both classic and contemporary-style interiors. Utilizing cabinets compatible with multiple interior designs is beneficial as it can help save money when it comes to transforming an interior from one design to another.

The Latest Ideas on Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

  • Shaker-Style Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want inspiration to blend both traditional and classic fashion in your kitchen’s interior décor? If yes, shaker-style cabinets with a distressed appearance are for you. These drawers are defined by a transitional appearance that is not only eye-catching but luxurious looking and perfect for post-modern interior design needs.

  • Distressed-Looking RTA Kitchen Cabinets

If you have ever wished to own cabinets that you can outfit with ease anytime you wish, this is the time to do so. Ready-to-install distressed kitchen cabinets are now up for grabs by everyone everywhere. You can search for them on various online shopping platforms before deciding the types to buy. As already mentioned, RTA cabinetries are cheaper and effortless to outfit.

  • Distressed Cabinets with Mixed Materials

The latest ideas on kitchen cabinets also feature distressed cabinets adorned with mixtures of different materials. You can find varieties made of wood but fitted with metallic or laminate countertops, all of which are not only beautiful but also functional. When choosing between distressed kitchen cabinets made up of different materials, you need to consider your preferences in interior design as well as the outlook you want inside your kitchen.

Will Distressed Cabinets Go Out of Fashion?

Honestly speaking, the end of the fame that distressed cabinets are currently enjoying is unknown. Because they have existed from time immemorial and are still very significant markers of kitchen interior design, distressed cabinets stand out as timeless cabinetry designs.

For this reason, chances are high that they will not stop trending soon. If you want to make yours look good for as long as distressed cabinet designs stay in fashion, all you need to do is be keen to clean and refurbish them regularly.

Final Thoughts

Distressed cabinetry designs arguably express the myth that old is gold. Whereas these drawers are classic cabinetry designs, they are favorites of many modern homeowners. Distressed kitchen cabinets are functional, unique, compatible with all interior designs, and are backed by remarkable visual aesthetics, all of which make them instrumental in the world of interior design.