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Why You Get Hungry & How a Cookie Protein Bar Helps

Have you noticed that you’re always hungry? No matter how big your breakfast was, you’re already thinking about lunch by mid-morning, and it can be so distracting. In order to keep your figure, ignoring these hunger pangs is vital. However, with a cookie protein bar, you get a great way to keep it at bay until lunchtime actually does roll around.

To shine a little light on why people get so hungry during the day, we now look at the range of reasons behind the hunger pangs and why they surface in the first place. 

Reason: You’re Not Getting Enough Of What a Cookie Protein Bar Gives You 

While you will hear gym enthusiasts banging on about protein a lot of the time, it’s something that everyone needs. One of the reasons why some get hungry is because they’re not getting sufficient protein in their diets – hence why a protein bar would help. Protein has a lovely ability to suppress hungry – whereas carbs encourage it. 

Increasing your intake of protein via your meals is one way to address the problem, although introducing protein bars into your diet is a much easier and tastier way to do it.

Reason: Your Refined Carbohydrate Intake Is Too High

Pretty much all the best and naughtiest foods are simply packed with refined sugars and carbohydrates – it’s why they taste as good as they do. However, unlike a cookie protein bar, consuming this type of food actively promotes cravings for more of the same. So, we’re talking about candy, processed foods, and fast foods. 

As soon as you’ve consumed foods high in refined carbs and the taste has gone from your mouth, you can end up being hungry within the hour. It’s because the insulin crash after you’ve eaten them leaves you wanting more energy. 

Reason: There’s Not Enough Fat In Your Diet

Sometimes, when people try and lose weight, they do so by dropping the amount of fat they have in their diet. It’s a natural way to think, as it’s fat that makes you fat, right? While there may be an element of truth to that statement, you need fat in your diet. If you don’t have enough of it, you will be hungry more often than not. 

Not all fats are bad. For example, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – something you’ll find high levels of in nuts and fish – are good for the body and are needed to keep you healthy.

Keep a Cookie Protein Bar In Your Bag & Stay Sated!

If you restrict yourself to too little fat or protein in your diet, or your intake of refined sugars is just too high, you will spend a lot of time fighting off impending hunger. 

However, being healthy really shouldn’t have to be a matter of sheer willpower to succeed. What you need to do is include enough of the right things in your diet – like protein and like poly/monounsaturated fats. Then, your body will have everything it needs and won’t constantly be craving food. 

So, do yourself a favor and get some protein bars in and stop struggling to eat less during the day. You know it makes sense.