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Tips for Safely Battery Charging

Imagine going on a trip with your family. You have everything set up in the back of your car but suddenly as you pass on the third freeway, your car gives up. Neither the tire is blown nor the fuel has leaked, it is your battery which gave up. So definitely your day is not going as you thought it may.

But most importantly is that you can get out of the situation soon enough if you plan. You know how to charge a battery but lack some basic information. No problem. Because charging a battery requires your hand and your brain, nothing more and nothing less. So here are some of the major tips where you should keep your eyes and ears open while charging your car battery.

Use A Good Battery Charger

Buy a good and powerful battery charger with a good battery source so that you never lose track. deep cycle batteries. These are powerful, require less amount to charge, and work efficiently. These are NOCO Genius G15000 UltraSafe, LEICESTERCN automatic version, Battery Tender Plus, BLACK+DECKER BM3B, BatteryMINDer Model 1500 are some of the best deep chargers in 2020. You can check the review of each of the best deep cycle battery charger at the website.

Ensure a Ventilated Area

Make sure you allow a ventilation path for your battery while charging. For this, you should remove the battery from the socket terminal and then move forward to fully charge it. Also, keep in mind to wear protective gear for eye, face, and hand protection.

Remove the Cell Pads Carefully

Disconnect the battery or deep cycle battery and remove the flat head screwdriver to remove the cell pads. This will help you see the electrolyte level in the cells. Remove the cell plugs of your battery carefully to avoid any acid splashes. Also, try cleaning the outer pores of the plug from all smudge and dirt.

Learn the Correct Terminology for Connections

Connect the charger leads of the charger to the battery; Red Positive lead (+) to the Positive (+) terminal and Black Negative (-) lead to the Negative (-) terminal. And if by any chance, your car has its battery still plugged in the vehicle, try to connect those negative leads to the engine block and let it serve as earthing.

Be Sure to Turn Off Ignition

While charging your battery, keep an eye on the keys and make sure that your ignition or any other electrical accessories such as headlights, indicator, or buzzer are off. Adding to this, be sure that your charger leads connecting your battery are tight and unbroken. Also, keep maintained distance for anyone nearby from the wirings.

The Verdict

Try to recharge your battery once every month to maintain it in the long run. Also, keep in mind to never overcharge your battery. Overcharging a battery increase the probability of shutting off or explosion.
The above-mentioned methods are to be done with precautions. Depending upon the battery, these methods could work or couldn’t. There’s only one way to find out.

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